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the act of dividing by cutting or splitting

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Furthermore, if the PHB is additionally exposed to high shear deformations for example in melt processing techniques like extrusion or injection molding it may also lead to a scission on the polymeric chain, causing a further decrease in molecular weight.
These methods involve random scission of chemical bonds as opposed to targeted scission of sulfur crosslinks.
The panel will focus on the handling of genome-edited organisms produced with this gene scission technique.
They suffered main-chain scission leading to the formation of low weight molecules and loss of their mechanical properties.
The first involves polymers that do not initially degrade through chain scission, the chemical reaction by which the polymer chains become shorter.
elegans axonal cytoskeleton, kinesins, TRP channels and pain, eukaryotic cell migration in the brain, in mathematical modeling, and as a function of microtubule activity, tissue layering in the visual system, membrane fusion with GTP and scission by viruses, gut-microbe interactions, and symbiotic mycorrhizal development.
have revealed the scission of the [beta]-1,4-glycosidic linkages of bacterial cellulose (BC) fractured mechanically under vacuum at 77 K from the ESR spectra [7, 8].
Dans une conference de presse tenue par le Parti Construction et Developpement, le gouverneur a fait savoir qu'il n'avait jamais cherche a occuper ce poste, et que sa demission etait volontaire, puisqu'il tenait a eviter l'effusion de sang et la scission dans la ville.
Lachgar, qui intervenait devant les militants du parti de la rose, dont des elus et des parlementaires de la region, a affirme que le temps est venu pour depasser les divergences interieures du parti, refutant les rumeurs d'une quelconque scission au sein de l'USFP.
Swoboda is convinced that the EU would not lose out in the event of a scission between the EU and the UK; at any rate, not as much as British citizens would no longer benefit from European social standards.
In the presence of oxygen, the scission steps are generally dominant with regard to the cross-linking steps (Rabek 1995 and 1996).
The autonomous DNA machine is a DNA amplification method based on the DNA scission and replication.
Foreign Minister Abu Bakr al-Qirbi has stressed support of Yemen for unity of the Chinese territories, condemning all calls for scission and considered dialogue, development and reform approach the only way out to solve any legitimate demands in order to realize justice and construction and face extremism and terrorism as well.