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By 1980, the writ of scire facias was considered "a proceeding seldom seen in recent times and considered by many practitioners to be somewhat of an antique curiosity.
33) This rule was a holdover from the scire facias procedure.
It is true that the Supreme Court continued with the following words: "and no action is necessary to obtain it except when a judgment becomes dormant, then, so far as the proceeding by scire facias is an action, the judgment may be revived so that execution under the statute may issue thereon.
The Supreme Court disagreed and held that because the scire facias proceeding was not a "new and independent action, the seven year statute of limitation, section 95.
The Supreme Court held in Lott that a scire facias writ was not an independent action subject to the statute of limitation, but was "only a step in the original cause of a remedial nature to effectuate the lien already in existence.