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Synonyms for scion

Synonyms for scion

one descended directly from the same parents or ancestors

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a descendent or heir

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If I could have per- suaded him to now and then provide a support for one of these outlying scions from his own pocket, I could have made a grand to-do over it, and it would have had a good effect with the nation; but no, he wouldn't hear of such a thing.
Now this is the question: how, in the name of justice, should our scion have argued the case?
No, gentlemen, our scions of the nobility do not reason thus.
It confides an unfledged scion to some head-clerk, or gives him in charge of a directory who initiates him into what Bilboquet, that profound philosopher, called the high comedy of government; he is spared all the horrors of drudgery and is finally appointed to some important office.
46: Her Hippostratus (did wed), a scion of Ares, the splendid son of Phyetes, of the line of Amarynces, leader of the Epeians.
He appeared at one time a mere scion of the evil principle and at another as all that can be conceived of noble and godlike.
Then I traced back a course of life for this latest scion of a race of condottieri, tracking down his misfortunes, looking for the reasons of the deep moral and physical degradation out of which the lately revived sparks of greatness and nobility shone so much the more brightly.
I must not forget that these coarsely-clad little peasants are of flesh and blood as good as the scions of gentlest genealogy; and that the germs of native excellence, refinement, intelligence, kind feeling, are as likely to exist in their hearts as in those of the best-born.
It is only a few of the scions of our noblest and wealthiest houses, who are able to give the time and money necessary for the thorough prosecution of this noble and valuable Art.
The Draculas were, says Arminius, a great and noble race, though now and again were scions who were held by their coevals to have had dealings with the Evil One.
As for myself, I need not tell you how happily my Helen and I have lived together, and how blessed we still are in each other's society, and in the promising young scions that are growing up about us.
Collin D'Silva, President of Bruker's Chemical & Applied Markets division, commented: "The SCION GC-MS platform represent the fusion of rich histories of innovation and reliability to extend the high performance traditionally associated with research-grade instruments into a next-generation series of GC-MS instruments for routine use, ensuring that all gas chromatographers can benefit from these advances.
Standing in the Scion booth at the annual SEMA rave of vehicles, parts and accessories--where there are more tattoos per square inch of skin than there is anything else in the Las Vegas Convention Center other than (1) tricked out whips of all shapes, sizes and vintages (the H2's dominance of last year's event hasn't really been replaced by the Next New Thing, with both Dodge Magnum and Ford Mustang taking their share of slamming, but even Mini gets the treated attention) or (2) eye-boggling quantities of sculpted silicone in the area where the tires and wheels are ogled--Jim Farley is wearing a coat and tie.
For training programs, the Scion 3-D System should greatly reduce the number of procedures required to achieve an "expert" level, thus reducing hospital costs and improving patient morbidity rates.
At the new Tustin Toyota/Scion, we're proud to offer our current and future Toyota and Scion customers with a unique experience in automotive service," said RJ Romero, President, Tustin Toyota/Scion.