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pretentious superficiality of knowledge

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Instead, lack of vision and sciolism, populism and demagogy, not to mention apathy towards the appraisal of influential nations and professional bodies, weaken the very foundations of the island as a business hub and a financial centre.
Ramie Targoff seems at first almost the opposite of Ben Saunders: she relentlessly goes through the motions of scholarship but seems to have little sense of what is commonplace and what is arcane in Donne's writing, with the result that she sometimes lapses into mere pedantry or even sciolism. The "Introduction" begins, for example, with a labored explanation of the meaning and Latin etymology of "valediction" (1)--useful information, no doubt, for undergraduates--but when she encounters a Latin phrase in a letter, she is nonplussed.
His susceptibility to the evolutionists and skeptics is well known, as exemplified in Aubrey de Vere's remark: "His nature is a religious one, and he is remarkably free from vanity and sciolism....
He is the scourge of sciolism, of credentialed arrogance.