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Synonyms for scintillating

Synonyms for scintillating

amusing or pleasing because of wit or originality

Synonyms for scintillating

brilliantly clever

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marked by high spirits or excitement

having brief brilliant points or flashes of light

References in classic literature ?
Tara of Helium saw that the domes seemed to be faced with innumerable prisms of glass, those that were exposed to the declining sun scintillating so gorgeously as to remind her suddenly of the magnificent trappings of Gahan of Gathol.
Prince Edward was the first of the royal party to take the field, and as he issued from the castle with his gallant company, banners and pennons streaming in the breeze and burnished armor and flashing blade scintillating in the morning sunlight, he made a gorgeous and impressive spectacle as he hurled himself upon the Londoners, whom he had selected for attack because of the affront they had put upon his mother that day at London on the preceding July.
A really multiform man, with all the graces and all the accomplishments scintillating perpetually at his fingers' ends.
The emperor rode in a golden howdah upon the back of a huge elephant so covered with rich hangings and embellished with scintillating gems that scarce more than the beast's eyes and feet were visible.
His face was stern, the lines of it had grown hard, and yet in his eyes--blue, clear blue this day--there was a strange brilliancy, a bright scintillating light.
She saw herself putting the boy to bed by the light of a single candle on the deserted top floor of a "business house," dark under the roof and scintillating exceedingly with lights and cut glass at the level of the street like a fairy palace.
When hilarious sequels to works by Bob Newhart (The Driving Instructor) and Clement Clarke Moore (The Night Before Christmas) are also included, the result is an array of scintillating verse designed purely to entertain and amuse.
Scintillating performance A large gathering, comprising dignitaries, parents and well-wishers, who came to witness the celebration, showered praise on the students for putting up a scintillating performance.
features one of the UK''s finest sax players in SNAKE DAVIS and the scintillating sounds of THE COLIN HOLT BAND.
Though West Indies selectors ignored him, he proved that he is a batsman in scintillating form.
Summary: England and India tied one of the World Cup's greatest matches after Andrew Strauss and Sachin Tendulkar each hit scintillating centuries.
Some of the rugby they have played thus far has been scintillating.
They cover electromagnetic interaction of radiation in matter, nuclear interactions, radiation environment and and damage in silicon semiconductors, scintillating media and scintillating detectors, solid state detectors, displacement damage and particle interactions in silicon devices, ionizing chambers, principles of particle energy determination, superheated droplet or bubble detectors and the search for cold dark matter, and applications in medical physics.
They combine the scintillating music of their native Congo with European influences to create a unique sound they call "Afro-peon", "says Jenny.
But manager Brian McDermott's team can't afford a defeat against a Bluebirds team who have hit scintillating form and are unbeaten in their last seven.