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a sparkling glittering particle

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Scintilla Juris members were Daniel Feliciano Jr., Julius Victor Medalla, Christopher Soliva, Warren Zingapan, and Robert Michael Beltran Alvir.
Scintilla and Scilex agreed to terminate the binding term sheet on 8 November 2016.
Additionally, Scintilla remains committed to combining its lead programme, resiniferatoxin (RTX), for the treatment of intractable cancer pain, with the products of Semnur Pharmaceuticals, for which a separate binding term sheet and acquisition process is moving forward towards closure prior to the end of 2016.
Don't feel a scintilla of sympathy for a bumbler who isn't half as clever as he thinks.
The details are extraordinary, not least because Moran looks at his plight without a scintilla of self-pity.
Imagine what Schumer, Feinstein, Brady, Bloomberg and that crowd all getting their knickers in a knot at the mere suspicion there might be even a scintilla of truth in this.
But a magistrate said she didn't believe the claims and said the murder was "grossly amateur" and lacking a "scintilla ofprofessionalism".
Last week, Oxford University showed beyond a scintilla of doubt that the soaring demand for emergency parcels is being driven by brutal welfare cuts.
"In recent years she was part of the Usk Valley Vaughan Association and worked with Dr Peter Thomas on the Vaughan magazine Scintilla. Anne loved Wales and all will miss her wisdom and fine writing."
The latest actions from the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his rabble of right-wingers, however, do not display the slightest scintilla of remorse in their bones nor the slightest desire for peace in their blackened hearts.
The studios and the adjacent Farnley Estate have been the location for other high pro- file productions including the BBC's Jamaica Inn and Happy Valley as well as feature length sci-fi thriller Scintilla.
Typically, Martinez is ready to embrace the competition wholeheartedly - without a scintilla of cynicism about its potential effect on league form.
SCINTILLA A A spark B Small fort C Two-handled mug who am I?
His dam Scintilla, a daughter of Sir Harry Lewis, won a point-to-point and is out of hurdles winner Joscilla, a half-sister to the dam of Cheltenham Gold Cup runner-up Dubacilla.