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alert agile lizard with reduced limbs and an elongated body covered with shiny scales

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A new character useful in the systematics of the scincid lizard genus Mabuya.
Ownership influences the outcome of male-male contests in the scincid lizard, Niveoscincus microlepidotus.
Chemosensory recognition of familiar and unfamiliar conspecifics by the scincid lizard Eumeces laticeps.
Vitt and Cooper (1986) provided the only information in this survey for a scincid, Eumeces laticeps, and it is one of the few lizards that hunts (mostly for gryllids and blattids) by acti vely flushing prey from refugia in the leaf and woody litter.
Ignoring consequences of shifts in the mortality schedule obscures an important aspect of the very trade-offs Shine and Schwarzkopf (1992) originally tried to model and that Shine (1980) has argued is important for many Scincid lizards.
These medium-sized ([approximately]85 mm snout-vent length, 10 g body mass) diurnal scincid lizards are long-lived ([greater than] 12 years in the wild, based on skeletochronology data; Tilley 1984; see also Blomberg 1994), and each year a large proportion of adult females does not reproduce (Schwarzkopf 1991, 1993, Rohr 1997).
2003) and is thought to prey principally on small scincid lizards, although it has been reported consuming a variety of other reptile prey in low numbers (Shine 1984).
Growth rates and ages at maturity of sympatric scincid lizards (Ctenotus) in central Australia.
Habitat use and thermal biology of the "land mullet" Egernia major, a large scincid lizard from remnant rain forest in south eastern Australia.
Placental ontogeny of the Tasmanian scincid lizard, Niveoscincus ocellatus (Reptilia: Squamata).
Males of the scincid lizard, Mabuya capensis, from South Africa followed a testicular cycle similar to T.