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an Old World plant of the genus Scilla having narrow basal leaves and pink or blue or white racemose flowers

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Roman consuls, and the aristocracy are pitted against Scilla, the Roman
bifolia was considered as a complex species of Scilla genus in Turkey.
SCilla Battersby-Brown was one of Corrie's loudest and liveliest characters before the gobby mum upped sticks in 2007, abandoning her kids Chesney and Fiz.
Pint-sized blue scilla siberica can be planted around the base of deciduous shrubs.
Chionodoxa, Scilla, Puschkinia and Muscari are all very hardy and have miniature flowers mostly in shades of blue and white.
Ferocity Summer" is a young adult novel from Alissa Grosso, exploring the dread of teenager Scilla Davis, who through is faced with a manslaughter charge as a passenger, coasting along with her best friend Willow who is delving into a world of drugs where Scilla isn't sure she wants to follow.
It takes the reader a while to understand what happened to Scilla, the young protagonist.
Scilla (wood squill) naturalize readily into broad drifts of blue or white blooms.
lusitanica, Asphodelus aestivus, Thapsia villosa, Margotia gummifera and Scilla odorata).
Latin classifications Such as HELLEBORUS, YPSILANDRA THIBETICA, and scilla scilloides littered the walls, a word salad of tightly composed letters painted in pastels that complement the various background shades of green.
So says Kirsty Bushell's headstrong Scilla, lean as an arrow and twice as lethal, in Jonathan Munby's scintillating Birmingham Rep Theater revival of "Serious Money.
The name is taken from that of a favorite food of the western Indians, the Camassia bulb, a plant related to the scilla.
A sea of blue scilla is first to bloom across the canvas, then crocuses sprout up in rainbow colours.