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If the expert evidence involves novel scientific theory, the proponent must establish that the underlying scientific evidence is generally accepted in the relevant scientific community.
"Explaining the Success of a Scientific Theory," Philosophy of Science 70(5): 891-901.
He suggests a cycle of conjecture, the proposal of a new scientific theory, and attempted refutation (the process of trying to falsify this theory).
PRICING THE FUTURE is a pick for science, business and economics history holdings alike and is a rich survey of financial and scientific theory.
Summary: Modern humans could be descendants of Arabs from this region, according to Dubai-based scientists who say that their research on the modern scientific theory has proved that the first largest human inhabitation outside Africa occurred in the Arabian Peninsula.
Yet some scientists wish to draw wider conclusions from this 20th century scientific theory of quantum mechanics.
A consistent, explainable set of observations forms a new framework of ideas that, when put together with a proven, substantive description, forms a scientific theory.
For example, in the chapter "Defining Science," falsification is introduced as a putative mark of a genuinely scientific theory. In this chapter the recent debate on intelligent design, and string theory, are used as examples of theories that may resist falsification due to the lack of any clear test that could be made to determine their truth, and which we may therefore hesitate to call scientific.
However, this patent did not refer to any known scientific theory of electromagnetism and could never have received and transmitted radio waves.
The last two sections deal with the broad history and the future of the sciences, and throughout reference is made to particular scientists with useful comment on scientific theory and the growth of scientific ideas.
What is the nature of a scientific theory? What is and what is not a theory?
In the first experiment, 129 volunteers read short summaries of the Big Bang theory and the "Primordial Soup Hypothesis," a scientific theory of the origin of life.
Whereas Darwin's theory of natural evolution makes predictions about the world around us which have led to incredible discoveries like genes, DNA, fantastic medical techniques and bio-engineering, creationism, if presented as a scientific theory, predicts God and, as Mr Ashton himself points out, God's existence can neither be proved nor disproved.
The Gaia hypothesis is a scientific theory, developed by Lynn Margulis and James Lovelock, that claims the Earth acts as a living being in which all systems work together to regulate the climate.
He differentiates scientific theory, based on mathematics, from social theory, based on linguistic structures, which must be viewed as a whole and not reduced to their components.
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