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research into questions posed by scientific theories and hypotheses

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Sherif Sedky, acting president of Zewail City, said that the vision of professor Ahmed Zewail in establishing the city was to cope with all updates in scientific research all over the world.
Duterte wanted to limit scientific research in Philippine Rise to Filipinos.
These principle were reflected in establishing one high executive reference for scientific research and putting a new mechanism to develop the reference's work according to a specific timetable, in addition to establishing a central information bank for scientific research at the universities and research centers and finding a new mechanism for networking among all these parties and between them and the High Commission for Scientific Research in a way that ensures full coordination and reaching positive results to prepare a vision that will be put forth to the Cabinet for discussion and approval to create an integrated national policy for scientific research in the coming period.
The objective is to strengthen partnership between the two countries, especially in the fields of scientific research and innovation," he said, noting that other training sessions will follow as part the Tunisian-Korean partnership programme that continues in 2015-2017.
The one-day meeting will focus on vital issues focusing on the need to link scientific research with development.
30pm with the first theme on the challenges of the scientific research in the field of sports.
Dr Sabry, a Zayed University professor, said he had sought to highlight the importance of scientific research and its methodologies in his book for the sake of Arab students so that they were able to use the knowledge they gained from their research activities for the benefit of their communities at a later stage.
SANA'A, July 21 (Saba)- Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Hisham Sharaf met on Monday with Charge d'Affaires of Saudi Embassy in Yemen Bandar al-Otaibi.
The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research will put the spotlight on UAE higher learning and research this year.
Abu Dhabi, The United Arab Emirates, Muharram 12, 1433, Dec 7, 2011, SPA - Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research inaugurated today the 13th Conference of the Arab Ministers of Higher Education and Scientific Research at Zayed University in Abu Dhabi.
BAHRAIN will host a new regional scientific research conference taking place next year.
Summary: With a view to further promoting the scientific research sector major reforms are underway.
This study aimed at identifying the status and obstacles of scientific research in Jordanian higher education institutions.
Air Force Office of Scientific Research officials announced Oct.
The first step in this progression is engagement in scientific research.
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