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a method of investigation involving observation and theory to test scientific hypotheses

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It is possible that Sarasvathy and Venktaram (2011) have introduced a new philosophical conundrum that will take centuries to unravel the way philosophers have been unraveling the concept of "scientific method" for centuries.
In a section entitled, "Lessons from Newton's own Scientific Method," Harper spells out in detail the inductive insight that led Newton to formulate his laws of motion and their corollaries.
Along the same lines, physicists' failure to interpret the Double Slit Experiment correctly, one of the most famous experiments in the history of physics, largely comes from an embarrassing "mistake." This is yet another case in which physicists simply ignore the scientific method. Failing to hold momentum constant in this experiment is elementary and thus unthinkable, but just put it on the list.
* What is the scientific method? (the process scientists follow to design and perform experiments)
** Condoms in the Classroom: Introduction to the Scientific Method
The fundamental applications of the scientific method in the field of failure investigation are explored in this textbook for forensic science students and professionals.
Nola and Sankey's (N&S) recent book is a review of different theories of scientific method coupled with a general defense of method.
Next, we introduce some of the basic tenets from the scientific method and describe how they can play a role in overcoming several of the key decisionmaking deficiencies.
It also rests on and supports an extremely naive view of "scientific method," one that taken to its logical extreme would imply that all sorts of methods of inquiry and argument have an equally valid claim to be regarded as "science." Although the authors mention neither "intelligent design" in biology, nor "creation science" in relation to modern physical science, it is clear to any thoughtful reader that their argument tends to support the idea that such alternatives are (in principle) equally valid approaches to science.
Dan Montello and Paul Sutton's well-written book on how to pursue geographic inquiry using the scientific method and related research techniques should become required reading for many present and future geographers.
Janice VanCleave's Science Fair Handbook: Scientific Method faircentral/scifairstudio/handbook/ scientificmethod.html
You'll learn the basic techniques of the scientific method by experimenting with several ingredients to discover which combination makes the best overflow of "lava." Once you discover the formula--EUREKA!--you will be ready to use the kit's mini-mountain to stage your own volcanic disaster.
JUNK SCIENCE: HOW POLITICIANS, CORPORATIONS AND OTHER HUCKSTERS BETRAY US surveys the invasion of special interests into the impartial research ideals of science, condemning the warping of scientific method for ideological gain and arguing that this invasion goes beyond influencing public decision and perception, affecting the very foundations of scientific research itself.
All this must be done using the scientific method. This chapter provides the basics for doing just that.
"Pluto will remain a great teaching tool because the controversy is a great example of the scientific method in action," says Roy Morris, director of the planetarium for the Columbia Public Schools in Missouri.
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