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Abdelsalam also stressed that Springer Nature's sponsorship of the event represents one of the company's objectives of transferring real scientific knowledge to the Egyptian and Arab public.
The Secretary of State also stated that "if we manage to have our 11 biosphere reserves in this Program, we will be able to network in order to promote and enhance these reserves, in order to strengthen scientific knowledge, preserve nature from this knowledge and involve the populations'.
Speaking on the occasion, SAU Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Mujeebuddin Sahrai urged academia and scientists to focus research on creating scientific knowledge to cope with the challenges of conservation.
Scientific knowledge and official information have played a great role in the process of the rumor control.
The creation of the VHL in Nursing, Colombia is a significant achievement to promote the dissemination of scientific knowledge in Nursing in Colombia, showing visibility in the Regional Network for VHL in Nursing along with other member countries.
Dougherty presents readers with a comprehensive examination of the history of science and the evolution of scientific theories, methods, and the way in which scientific knowledge and conclusions are codified.
Personal Knowledge is primarily an enquiry into the nature and justification of scientific knowledge. A realist in the classical sense, Polanyi will say, "An empirical statement is true to the extent that it reveals an aspect of reality, a reality largely hidden from us and existing therefore independently of our knowing it." All assertions of natural fact empirically uncovered are necessarily universal in intent.
Momentarily, Pakistan has made a phenomenal progress in SandT and ICT in the past two decades, on the other hand, to what extent the science and scientific knowledge is transmitted to the common masses remains a tricky question in Pakistan
I know or have known many Christians trained in the sciences, who have professional careers based on scientific knowledge, and who through life rely on such knowledge in their daily work.
Scientists say it's to further scientific knowledge of dark matter and the beginnings of our universe.
Among other things, he claimed that advances in scientific knowledge can revitalize the humanities, scientific discoveries have changed our perceptions of humanity and of the world, and scientific research is illuminating the foundations of human morality.
Primarily the indigenous people and local knowledge could bring interesting factors to the table of policy makers and he platform is here to work and make the decisions on the basis of the best available knowledge, not just available from the scientific knowledge but also knowledge from "indigenous people who has in-depth knowledge about their local environment and biodiversity in their territories." Nakashima told Cihan.
The National Week of Science and Technology focuses this year on topics (science, health and sports) and it is seen as a non-profit educational and scientific event that focuses on solidarity and circulation of scientific knowledge.
In this paper, the author adopted the meaning of the NOS as suggested in Lederman (1992), i.e., "the values and beliefs inherent in scientific knowledge and its development".
The communication of scientific knowledge on the other hand has many dimensions and requires the expertise of multiple disciplines as it includes science outreach, bringing public interest into it by making it popular and also the marketing expertise to support the cost of making outreach possible.
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