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an observation that has been confirmed repeatedly and is accepted as true (although its truth is never final)

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Until the OSTP is adequately staffed and the director position is filled by a qualified, objective scientist who understands the difference between alternative news peddled on alt-right websites and legitimate well-vetted scientific facts, we fear that you will continue to be vulnerable to misinformation and fake news," the congressmen wrote.
He guides the reader on a journey that includes emotionally charged stories and well developed scientific fact.
We must follow solid scientific fact and understand why extraordinary claims need very extraordinary evidence.
The only supplement uses supported by scientific fact are iron and folic acid for pregnant women, B12 for people over 50 (who may be unable to absorb it from food), and vitamin D for those with darker skin or insufficient exposure to sunlight, plus calcium for bone health, and antioxidant vitamins known to help prevent age-related macular degeneration.
that , is scientific fact and we all know there's no point in arguing scientific fact.
Nathaniel Abraham, an Indian national who describes himself as a "Bible-believing Christian," said in the suit filed on Monday in US District Court in Boston that he was fired in 2004 because he would not accept evolution as scientific fact.
The current 'ban' on bone-in beef between 24 and 30 months old is not based on scientific fact.
The educational portal offers a wealth of scientific fact and research information to foster greater understanding and confidence of MSM as a nutritional component.
In a modest study based on readings of half a dozen texts from the Vernian corpus, Christian Chelebourg wrestles with one of the problems that have preoccupied almost every critic of recent times: namely, the relationship between the artistic imagination and scientific fact or theory.
As a result of that Charter, the solution of difficult moral problems is handed over to Supreme Court judges, appointed by the Government without an adequate credentialing process, who, knowing no more than the laws of Canada, nonetheless feel and act as if they were free to decide all manner of problems presented to them, whether those problems involve matters of scientific fact, moral principles, or spiritual questions.
As more stakeholders acknowledge the scientific fact of mold's resilience, I believe we will see a groundswell begin to form for a new mold prevention protocol, which focuses on removing the possibility of mold entering a structure.
This has led some journalists to report that it is now a Scientific Fact that money can't buy happiness.
The report concluded that abstinence-only-until-marriage curricula used in Ohio contain false information about contraceptives and abortion, misrepresent religious convictions as scientific fact, perpetuate inaccurate gender stereotypes, contain inaccurate scientific information regarding the risk of sexual activity, disregard the needs of youth at risk for STDs and pregnancy, do not provide information for LGBTQ youth, and may be taught by unqualified instructors.
For others, evolution is a complex scientific fact, the cornerstone of biological sciences, offering an explanation about how living things work and get reworked.
It is an interesting scientific fact that evolution occurs through aberration rather than perfection.
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