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(law) deliberately or knowingly

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So long as the agent intends, for discriminatory reasons, that the adverse action occur, he has the scienter required to be liable under USERRA.
notably, Section 11 plaintiffs do not have to prove scienter and loss
They did not believe that the Child Labor Tax could be revised and made constitutional by removing the scienter requirement, or by moving enforcement entirely into the Department of the Treasury, or by depriving the Treasury of the means of enforcement most suggestive of a punitive sanction.
however, that there is both a mens rea and scienter requirement for the
According to the dissent, the majority conjures up a "parade of horribles that might occur under different subsections of the CFAA, such as subsection (a)(2)(C), which does not have the scienter or specific intent to defraud requirements that subsection (a)(4) has.
Provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 impose special pleading burdens upon plaintiffs regarding the scienter element and bar them from discovery when defendants file a motion to dismiss.
69) Fraud, itself, is misrepresentation or deception; its elements are material misrepresentation, scienter, reliance, and causation.
3) But the scienter requirement alone did nothing to stop the heresy hunts; it was not until 1961, when the Court also required specific intent to advance a group's illegal purposes, that it imposed any meaningful limits on guilt by association.
In dismissing the second amended complaint, Judge Gorton concluded that the plaintiffs failed to allege sufficient facts to permit an inference of scienter and failed to allege loss causation adequately.
consistent with the scienter requirement that the statute (within
As discussed infra, this lack of knowledge prevents the OSP from forming the requisite criminal intent, or scienter.
3) Scienter as to the falsity of the representation at the time it was made, which may be satisfied with proof either that the speaker
42) The court then held that providing a shop space to the trademark infringer after receiving a letter from the trademark owner's lawyer was sufficient to satisfy the act and scienter requirements of contributory infringement.
Misrepresentations and False Statements Have Scienter Requirement.
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