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After school hours, green schoolyards can benefit the entire community by improved health, higher rates of community and family engagement and increased outdoor play and recreation opportunities.
The schoolyards designed by CDF feature permeable playground and sports court surfaces, rain gardens, native plants for bird and insect habitat, community garden spaces, permeable parking lots, along with colorful play equipment and interpretive signage that explains how green infrastructure works.
The bank's support would also provide three months of environmental education at each school through RespectTree, an interactive schoolyard greening programme.
The Schoolyards to Playgrounds Initiative identified schoolyards in neighborhoods most in need of open space and will open them year round for public use, after school and on weekends.
A spokesman for one of the companies, Panzerfaust Records, bragged recently that the hate music label was halfway to its goal of distributing 100,000 CDs of racist and anti-Semitic music to schoolchildren across the country as part of Project Schoolyard USA, according to the ADL.
The poor condition in which many parks, schoolyards and basketball courts are kept could be a factor in low-activity rates among lower-income urban populations, says a study of neighborhoods surrounding public housing developments.
A few district science departments even have goals of converting at least 50 percent of their schoolyards into natural space.
All across this country, from small towns to cities, there are similar stories to her experience in Illiopolis, with hidden dumpsites made into schoolyards and polluting stacks overshadowing homes and neighborhoods.
For its Projet cour d'ecole, which consists of training young people in grades 2, 5 and 6 to act as mediators in two schoolyards.
How can children learn about the wonder of living things when so much of their daily outdoor experience is in schoolyards that are largely devoid of life?
Sure, that's not bad compared to Haiti--but I know schoolyards that are tougher to get into.
on Sidewalks, on Street Corners, as Girls" contribute the usable details from her childhood, the schoolyards and classrooms shaping the professor to come.
Around the country, students are creating wildlife habitats in their schoolyards to help threatened and endangered species.
Last year, more than 1400 schools around the world took part by improving their schoolyards.
NEW YORK -- As part of "Our Promise to New York," Citibank today kicked off a partnership with MillionTreesNYC, the nation's largest urban tree planting, stewardship and public awareness program, to turn five Manhattan schoolyards green before the end of the year.