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Synonyms for schoolmate

an acquaintance that you go to school with

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As for Dick--I didn't hate him when I married him--I just felt for him the indifferent, friendly feeling I had for most of my schoolmates.
Relations between these two old schoolmates continued to be thus strained for nearly a year
While they sat together in the grand-stand and while the eyes of former schoolmates were upon them, she paid so much attention to her escort that he grew interested.
Occasionally a smile would cross his face as he tried to imagine the surprise of his schoolmates could they but see him now.
He had come into the kitchen, in the twilight of a cold, gray December evening, and had sat down in the woodbox corner to take off his heavy boots, unconscious of the fact that Anne and a bevy of her schoolmates were having a practice of "The Fairy Queen" in the sitting room.
When nothing more was left to be done, he charged the boy to run off and bring his schoolmates to be marshalled before their new master, and solemnly reviewed.
From his home he had gone to the seminary to bid adieu to many schoolmates.
Former schoolmate Megan Stone said: "She was the most genuine and loveliest person with a heart of gold.
I had the shock of my life when I found a former schoolmate, whom I admired for his behaviour and discipline, at the Dubai Courts.
The principal came but he was roughed up by our Muslim schoolmate,' one student said.
Schoolmate Tia Purdy, 16, said: "They were really good friends.
Duterte said his former schoolmate had not mentioned this to him.
Sharma volunteered intentionally to become as a hostage to save her junior schoolmate.
There is Willow, a schoolmate who is her nemesis, who knows why, and there is having to sit up straight and learn to eat state dinners neatly, and for fun there is Stormalong drama experiences and eating and shopping with friends.
Two young boys -- both brothers and less than 15 years in age-- have been sentenced to three months imprisonment and a fine of QR5,000 each on charges of physically assaulting a schoolmate after an argument on the meaning of a word.