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Synonyms for schoolmaster

presiding officer of a school

any person (or institution) who acts as an educator

food fish of warm Caribbean and Atlantic waters

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The schoolmaster looked earnestly at her as she spoke, laid aside his pipe, and rose up directly.
You have been walking a long way,' said the schoolmaster.
Yes,' said the old schoolmaster, observing that her attention was caught by these latter specimens.
As the schoolmaster said this, he saw that a small blot of ink had been thrown on one of the copies, so he took a penknife from his pocket, and going up to the wall, carefully scraped it out.
The schoolmaster was sitting at his high desk, with his back to me, apparently haranguing the pupils, who were all gathered together in front of him, with one exception.
Go home all of you to dinner," said the schoolmaster, "except Jacob.
She then put the same question to the schoolmaster which we had asked already of almost every one else in the village.
The schoolmaster and his consort passed their time unpleasantly enough that evening, but something or other happened before the next morning, which a little abated the fury of Mrs Partridge; and she at length admitted her husband to make his excuses: to which she gave the readier belief, as he had, instead of desiring her to recall Jenny, professed a satisfaction in her being dismissed, saying, she was grown of little use as a servant, spending all her time in reading, and was become, moreover, very pert and obstinate; for, indeed, she and her master had lately had frequent disputes in literature; in which, as hath been said, she was become greatly his superior.
Grandfather," said Charley, "I wonder whether the boys did not use to upset the old chair when the schoolmaster was out.
Bartel went into his little pantry, and brought out an excellent home-baked loaf; for it was his one extravagance in these dear times to eat bread once a-day instead of oat-cake; and he justified it by observing, that what a schoolmaster wanted was brains, and oat-cake ran too much to bone instead of brains.
On that point Bartle was mute, and it was even a secret where he had lived previous to the twenty years in which happily for the peasants and artisans of this neighbourhood he had been settled among them as their only schoolmaster.
It's no harm for me to be a bit fiery and stiff-backed--I'm an old schoolmaster, and shall never want to get on to a higher perch.
Perceiving the necessity of it,' acquiesced the schoolmaster, 'and making up her mind fully to the separation.
You are sure you would not like,' asked the schoolmaster, 'to prepare her?
Well, I can spare the evening,' said the schoolmaster.