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a woman schoolteacher (especially one regarded as strict)

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Thus, traditional accounts that assert that the northern schoolmarms in the South were from privileged homes may be marginally more accurate than I thought in 2010, but any characterization of the entire corps of teachers must confront the contrary reality: black teachers taught their freed brethren despite grinding poverty; southern white teachers taught their former bondsmen because of grinding poverty.
Apparently, there just aren't enough schoolmarms to go around, and the withering look has gone the way of the one-room schoolhouse.
And indeed American lawyers and judges have proved more than willing to become the scolds and schoolmarms of our new age.
Adapted by Patrick Marber from Zoe Heller's novel about the dysfunctional relationship between a pair of mixed-up schoolmarms in North London, "Notes on a Scandal" is a showcase for two powerhouse performances by two great actresses, Judi Dench and Cate Blanchett.
It also leaves the somewhat erroneous impression that these adventurous movies were subtle and enduring (a lot of them certainly aren't) and that the Code's biggest victims were actresses who reveled in playing full-bodied roles and not the prim schoolmarms they were allegedly consigned to post-1934.
Just as the physical library is no longer a collection of dusty book stacks supervised by shushing schoolmarms, public library Web sites are not simply book databases.
More important is the fact that, against the wishes of civic-minded schoolmarms, increasing numbers of Americans are gthering in a thriving, self-selecting, and increasingly participatory version of what activists call The Commons.
The rigidity of the boundaries separating saloon girls and schoolmarms, gunslingers and sheriffs, as well as cowboys and Indians, justified America's attempts to maintain sharp borders between the genders and races at home and our friends and foes abroad.
In the '70s feminism added to the Western's difficulties by rejecting its stereotypical treatment of women as prostitutes or schoolmarms, and Native American activists awakened a nation's conscience to its deplorable treatment of its native peoples.
So did a lot of schoolmarms, who by then had been taught not to say it and were eager to pass the admonition.
For if we are in awe of Markham the writer, we are also enchanted by the image of her as a creature of the body, a literal child of nature who grew up unfettered in the White Highlands of Kenya, far from the influence of Europeanizing schoolmarms.
Fitzgerald and Magers interview 51 of the leading actresses of 1950s and 1960s Westerns on film and TV, including shady ladies, schoolmarms and independent women who look awful good in a gun belt.
Of course, American schools have long been taught largely by women, and boys and schoolmarms have not always seen eye-to-eye.
Regarding slavery reparation, a concept often pushed by bearded sociologists and schoolmarms, the following might be of some interest: