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a woman schoolteacher (especially one regarded as strict)

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My 6am wakeup call had the ferocity of a sleep-deprived schoolmarm armed with a loudspeaker.
into my seat by some psychopathic schoolmarm over and over again:
Merchant rocked that schoolmarm sensuality, playing with the mother archetype, then lifting her skirt, showing knee and leg in sensual dances evoking the whore/mother dichotomy she explores so effectively on "Ophelia.
He rather liked the current laser-pointing schoolmarm, Hillary Clinton.
An exasperated Koh has taken to managing the trial like a schoolmarm, regularly scolding her errant charges and resorting to tactics like deducting from the time they have to present evidence if they make superfluous arguments.
At a school where dedicated schoolmarm Bertha Barnes (Beulah Bondi) teaches, the cruel Japanese Major Hasko (Richard Loo) hangs the principal in front of the staff and students when he refuses to lower the American flag.
The abolitionist New England schoolmarm did exist, but she was hardly representative.
McKnight, a displaced actor who recites Shakespeare, general store owner Joe Thomas, blind schoolmarm Mrs.
Meanwhile, the pedagogical relationship between Connie, the dedicated young schoolmarm, and the seductively beautiful schoolboy feels like a fresh and suggestive reading of The Corn Is Green.
The stereotype of the feminist as disapproving schoolmarm wagging her finger at the inconsequential fluff of pop culture is apparently irresistable.
MAG'S VIEW: "With her pixie haircut and sophisticated schoolmarm style, Carey Mulligan has captured the fashion flock's attention.
In Small Wonder: The Little Red Schoolhouse in History and Memory, Jonathan Zimmerman, Professor of History and Education at New York University, describes in telling detail this virtually universal retrospective image of the one-room school house complete with a bell tower, wood stove, outside privies, and a stern schoolmarm clanging her hell to open the school day or end recess.
Formerly favoured by outdoor pursuits fanatics out shooting, fishing and hunting, tweed is no longer schoolmarm staid, with tailored tweed being the epitome of classy.
0 users predicted, the internet went commercial and governmental, and it took less than a decade for the sheriff and the schoolmarm to move into town.
Although the schoolmarm in me regrets some stylistic inconsistencies such as constant tense shifts and way-too-informal contractions, Forgotten Novelist's Novelist succeeds in its goal: to spark interest among the uninitiated in the author and in the novels, as well as in short stories that are "wry fables or spoofs of romanticism" (192).