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a scholar in one of the universities of the Middle Ages

a scholar who is skilled in academic disputation

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In addition to his enlightening and elegantly detailed reading of Democratic Vistas, Schoolman also illuminates the implications of Whitman's aesthetic vision of democracy for modern democratic theory.
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Schoolman goes on to say that cooperative homeowners have seen their electrical bills go down by as much as two-thirds and the local electric company grants homeowners credit when their solar system generates more energy than they use.
Likewise, she suggests that Lehrer's "Boiberik Idea" was infused with the educational philosophy of John Dewey and William Heard Kilpatrick but fails to explore the obvious comparisons with Cejwin, the pioneering, contemporaneous Hebrew culture camp directed by Dewey and Kilpatrick's student, Benderly acolyte Albert Schoolman.
His choice of Jean Gerson to lead us on this voyage of discovery is most apt, as Gerson experimented with many identities--preacher, polemicist, theologian, reformer, and schoolman, just to name a few--and joined a commitment to essential traditions of medieval learning with a refreshing openness to new modes of communication.
This humility and clear thinking would serve the young schoolman well as he set his feet on a course that would bring him fame and respect from scholars, thinkers, and most importantly, American patriots.
Having far greater access to books than a thirteenth-century schoolman, the Chancellor and his contemporaries became more concerned to identify works in their original form, to treat them in their entirety, and to associate them with the qualities of their writers.
As a result, Gerson was no longer a conventional schoolman in the ivory tower; he increasingly emerged as a 'public intellectual'.
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The successful revival of Thomism was evident in Catholic universities around the world, in particular in the faculties of theology and philosophy, and in the publication of important journals of Scholastic philosophy such as The New Scholasticism, The Modern Schoolman, and The Thomist.
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