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Synonyms for schooling

Synonyms for schooling

the act, process, or art of imparting knowledge and skill

Synonyms for schooling

the act of teaching at school

the process of being formally educated at a school


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the training of an animal (especially the training of a horse for dressage)

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Teaching in tensions: Latino immigrant youth, their teachers and the structures of schooling.
The term "public education" has come to refer to both the institution of public schooling and the ideals that the institution is meant to advance.
Opponents of home schooling use several methods when trying to weaken or eradicate home schooling: legislative and regulatory actions, media smears, and subtle attempts to blur the line between public schooling and home schooling to exert more control over home-schoolers.
The main concentration of formal international schooling in Japan is in the formative years from grades 1 through 12 (from 6 years of age until 13 of 14 years of age).
Rothstein continually asks whether schooling is the most effective way to elevate students from poverty and launch them on a road to higher academic achievement.
1), a critical time for the emergence of alienation and disengagement tendencies (Cormack, 1996), a period when "children's conceptions of secondary schooling [are] greatly influenced by the horror stories and myths communicated to them by their peers" (Lucey and Reay, 2000, p.
Thirty-one states have adopted pesticide laws that cover at least one such element, according to a survey by Beyond Pesticides entitled The Schooling of State Pesticide Laws 2002 Update.
NAYRE's definition is actually the definition of year-round schooling.
After three years of schooling, however, the voucher program has instead become a subsidy to the Roman Catholic Church, and there are serious questions as to whether Cleveland schoolchildren have benefited, according to an Akron Beacon Journal analysis of data and records.
Life outside the schoolroom, however, was rapidly changing in Wilson during the 1870s and with it the purposes, uses, and meanings of schooling.
About 65 percent of pupils lag two or more grades behind their peers at other schools - a factor teachers attribute to a high number of limited-English speakers and students who come from broken homes or who have parents with minimal schooling.
Most people feel that a good teacher was at the core of what made their schooling valuable.
That is probably why, when adults are asked what they remember about their elementary schooling, they most often cite the projects they did by themselves.
I have deep reservations about charter schools based on the way that enemies of democratic public schooling are trying to use them as a wedge to bring the process of privatization," Kohn says.
High morale among staff and students also contributes to q effective schooling (Furlong & Morrison, 2000).