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Synonyms for schooling

Synonyms for schooling

the act, process, or art of imparting knowledge and skill

Synonyms for schooling

the act of teaching at school

the process of being formally educated at a school


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the training of an animal (especially the training of a horse for dressage)

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Ultimately, the case against public schooling is a moral one.
Undeterred, the media have recently chosen alternative ways to discredit home schooling. The most common theme is child safety--equating home schooling with child abuse in the minds of uncritical readers.
Therefore, children get an early years education that allows them to make a seamless transition back into the UK schooling system.
In sum, Curtis provides a fine study of Catholic contributions to nineteenth-century schooling, adding particularly to the record on women religious and philanthropic school patrons in an industrializing region.
These issues illuminate the danger of placing too much emphasis on limited, high-stakes measures of "achievement." Such emphasis can serve to undermine quality schooling (Popham), leaving gifted and other students locked into a system that cares more about test scores than actual student learning.
These accounts reveal a crisis of authority at the heart of schooling so far unaddressed by the usual policy remedies.
Structural changes are largely to do with the context of schooling and occur in aspects such as organisational procedures, curriculum, methodology, and school culture.
Moreover, the formation of the NCMPTA (later, simply, the "NCPT") seemed to acknowledge institutionally that schooling was, among other things, a starkly political act and that parent-teacher organizations, which formalized communication between home and school, were necessitated by the dilution of parental influence entailed by the growth and complexity of public schooling during the early decades of the twentieth century.
To highlight just a few, he has asserted that public schools exist to promote "secular humanism" or to "instill atheism in our society." He has attacked public school teachers as greedy far-left agents of social engineering and once compared public schooling to Naziism and Communism.
(1999).Teaching in tensions: Latino immigrant youth, their teachers and the structures of schooling. Teachers College Record, 100, 809-840.
In innumerable ways, mass public schooling has been a stirring success.
Life outside the schoolroom, however, was rapidly changing in Wilson during the 1870s and with it the purposes, uses, and meanings of schooling. The end of political Reconstruction had set in motion a rapid transformation in the local economy, vastly increasing the extent of the cotton crop.
Supporters of the Ohio "Pilot Scholarship Program" called it an "educational choice" measure, intended to rents a wide array of options regarding their children's schooling. But a state appellate court has found that the program produced very little choice, and instead subsidized religious schools and steered parents toward them.
By tending to the whole child's needs, community schooling is improving academic learning, Blank says.
High morale among staff and students also contributes to q effective schooling (Furlong & Morrison, 2000).