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the period of time each year when the school is open and people are studying

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CLASS 5 - Piano Solo School year 8 and under: 1 Gabrielle Zhaoying Lin, 2 Rachel Zhuang, 3 Oliver Gaskell/Isobella Watson.
Teachers agreed to take two unpaid furlough days this school year, with one of those days being a school day.
Note, however, that these cuts only came at midyear and did not affect schools' planned budgets or their expenditures in the first half of the school year.
Longer school days or school years will not be successful if we cannot instill in today's students the love of learning.
If Arkansas takes the lead by lengthening its school year, it would send the right message to prospective investors.
During the following school year (2003/2004), five classes consisting of 61 kindergartners (experimental group) were administered CAP pretests and posttests in September and April, respectively.
Alex Dontoh, deputy chairman and associate professor of accounting, says that during the 2001-2002 school year, 63 of Stern's 500 students majored in accounting (most double-majored in finance or another area), with half of those CPA majors.
Blane McCann, the superintendent of Shorewood School District in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has said that summer assignments are "appropriate as [students] prepare for the school year.
An analysis I did for my newspaper, the New York Daily News, compared all 6,979 transfers in the city for 2003-04 with the official building capacity of the receiving schools the previous school year and found that nearly 60 percent of those transfers went to schools with more than enough room to spare.
Employment rates rose from 77 percent for those who were age 17 at the start of the 2000-01 school year to 84 percent for those age 19.
The before- and after-school routines worked smoothly last school year for north-west-side Evanston resident Karen Goetz and her daughter, Laura, a third-grader.
Additional Juilliard teachers for the 2003-2004 school year will be announced online at www.
1) The odds of saying that drinking had led to unplanned intercourse during the current school year were twice as high among students who had first gotten drunk at age 12 or younger as among their peers who had first been intoxicated at age 19 or older; the odds of reporting that unprotected intercourse had resulted from drinking also were doubled among those who had had an episode of drunkenness by age 12.
A RECENT lead article in the education section of The Western Mail claimed that some teachers' unions are not in favour of any change to the pattern of the school year.
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