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a book prepared for use in schools or colleges

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From lighting an open fire, to wrapping our fish and chips in, backing school text books, giving us the local and national news, hatches, matches and dispatches etc.
He said that UKaid provides monthly stipends to some 680,000 poor girls to help keep them in school and provide millions of free school text books.
Stan Barstow's most famous work was A Kind Of Loving, which was turned into a film starring Alan Bates, and Joby, a novel about childhood which has become a set school text.
A plan of action for the reuse of the 8,000 kilograms of school text books collected last year by the seven Indian schools was detailed.
Summary: KUALA LUMPUR: A high school text book that highlights multi-ethnic Malaysia's racial harmony has riled the main ethnic Indian party, which wants it banned because it refers to the Hindu caste system, an official said Monday.
This and other fascinating if confusing facts about time theory and practice are cheerfully and efficiently packaged and presented in "Time Zones," the perfect elementary to middle school text, culminating with a fun project that is easy to accomplish using and lamp and a globe in a darkened room, and demonstrates why we need time zones.
Acknowledging the existence of a significant heritability of intelligence and racial differences in general in a public school text is a sure means to incur the wrath of egalitarians.
He said: "I am contacting a number of local businesses and organisations looking for donations of toys, picture and fiction books, school text books, dictionaries, stationary and sports equipment.
His explorations of baseball, jazz, and of course, the Civil War, rekindled an interest in American history for millions of us who struggled to make it through our high school text books.
School of Law) here provides the first law school text devoted exclusively to environmental crime, a relatively new field of law, providing an overview of the environmental regulatory framework and key points of debate within environmental criminal law theory and practice.
The column labeled Readability Gap displays the difference between the average readability of each postsecondary text collection and the average readability of the 11th- and 12th-grade high school text collection.
SUCCESS: Head-teacher Ken Tonge; DETERRANT: A school text message for truant pupils
In the senior high school text, he is mentioned fleetingly as part of a lesson on the custom of lowering flags to half-staff at state funerals, like Mao's in 1976.
Critics have said Malaysia's decision in the 1980s to change most of its school text books from English to Malay has hurt its global competitiveness and caused English language standards among students to plunge.
Harry Potter highlights include a gown, a school text book, Magical Drafts and Potions, and a wand.
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