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There hasn't even been time to fill in the last two weeks of August in my summer spreadsheet, and they are already talking about the festive season and the start of the new school term in September.
Health Minister Rajitha Senarathne had instructed the National Dengue Prevention Unit to take steps to clean the school premises for Dengue and submit a report after inspecting each premise after the new school term began.
uk) GONE are the days when preparing your pencil case for the new school term gave you blisters on your hands.
I am 71 years of age and with no children so maybe people like me, not having children, feel a bit bitter about being overcharged for holidays during school term holidays.
The programme will run for six weeks over five school terms and will provide an exciting, fun-filled experience to the participants, as well as placing emphasis on the importance of having a healthy lifestyle.
Each school term, the Cathedral Choristers and James Randle, Director of Music at The Chorister School, visit and work with primary schools from across the region to train them and their teachers in 45 minutes of song.
KEPS official Jenan Behzad told KUNA that the current school term will witness many applications of the program as well as a new environmental protection measure that will educate the students about the program.
School director Marietta S Sicat said with the ongoing construction of the new building, parents, students and teachers will start the new school term in September in Salmabad.
The new guidance has already been adopted since the beginning of the present school term in September by Blaenau Gwent Council in South Wales, which previously had a high absenteeism rate.
He said: "The worst thing is during school term - sometimes it takes a while even to get out of our own road with the traffic.
All of these houses have charities that we support by raising money for them at the end of each school term.
So, for now, fans will have to make do with the old cast as a new school term begins.
Travel Business Review-August 27, 2012--Economic Slowdown Forcing Parents to Consider School Term Holidays(C)2012] ENPublishing - http://www.
THE summer holidays are well underway and it won't be long before the new school term beckons.
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