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the superintendent of a school system

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Since 2013, she has served as County School Superintendent supervising over 100 employees and providing fiscal oversight to 19 school districts within Pinal County.
7, 1902, representatives of Auburn and Sutton met and agreed to jointly hire and pay a school superintendent, who, as required by state law, would be paid "not less than one dollar and fifty cents for each day of actual service.
But unfortunately, he is joining the exodus of school superintendents who are escaping New Jersey's cap on superintendent salaries.
The school superintendent and a local religious leader oversee the youth task force.
Keegan was state school superintendent for Arizona at the time and saw that "the essay was horribly written, with glaring spelling and grammatical errors, and yet had received a score of 23 out of 25 points.
The fact that the beneficiaries of the fund are retired teachers and school administrators does not mean that the best manager of a $7 billion investment fund should be a school superintendent.
The Freedom from Religion Foundation has joined parents of school children in Dayton, Tennessee, in a lawsuit against Rhea County, the board of education, the school superintendent, and the county executive over classroom Bible instruction at William Jennings Bryan College.
As one local California school superintendent noted, the proposed math standards for fifth- and sixth-graders aren't much easier than the questions on the teacher competency test - and only two-thirds of would-be teachers pass the test the first time around.
Congressman Maurice Hinchey (D-NY), Newburgh Mayor Nicholas Valentine, Newburgh School Superintendent Dr.
a former mill town about 25 miles west of Boston, Mark Masterson, school superintendent, got his wake-up call when a charter school opened nearby and siphoned 25 students from his district.
The school superintendent said she agreed with the parents that the questions about sex were inappropriate.
Kowalski, a former school superintendent and professor of educational administration, outlines the evolution of the school district superintendent position, blending theory and the practicalities of contemporary practice.
In early May, Americans United, on behalf of Brevard County high school parents and students, asked the school superintendent to move the planned graduations from a mega-church to a neutral venue.
asks Gary Burton, the school superintendent in Wayland, Mass.
A 19th-century reform school superintendent who tabulated the bad habits of the young men placed in his charge noted that being truant was second only to lying as a recurring behavioral trait of the young men sentenced to the reformatory.