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a ship used to train students as sailors

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In 1925, the Regia Marina ordered the design of two school ships, inspired by the style of large late 18th century 74-cannon ships of the line.
The immediate concern was for the students and their teachers whose school ship displayed the words, in English, "Uwajima Maritime High School.
The three-mast school ship was named after the famous explorer, Amerigo Vespucci.
The Narvik will be purchased by the school ship owner Unge Sjomenns Kristne Forening for NOK62m, which will result in a profit of NOK20m for Hurtigruten Group.
Sorlandet: Operated as a merchant navy school ship until 1973 and now used as an adventure training ship for youngsters/adults in the North Sea and Baltic.
The Uwajima Fisheries High School ship was sunk by the sub off Hawaii during a training voyage.
9 collision between the Japanese high school ship and the U.
Tynemouth ship owner James Hall set up a project in 1868 for a school ship on the Tyne for orphaned boys and those left destitute through poverty or neglect.
In 1876HMSConway became a school ship where thousands of Royal Navy cadets were trained.
Based on the true-life memoirs of Chuck Gieg, the film introduces us to 13 high school students who have elected to spend the 1960-61 academic year on the American school ship Albatross.
Families of the nine Japanese still missing after a collision between a Japanese school ship and a U.
Contract awarded for Supply of manual tools, for the workshop equipment, of the atlas iii school ship of the umip.
Jeff Bridges plays the tough, laconic skipper of the school ship whose role it is to make men of the 13 young travellers.
The schooner Ernestina now sails as a school ship for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts' Department of Environmental Management.
Contract awarded for Supply of electrical precision tools, for the workshop equipment of the atlas iii school ship.
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