school phobia

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a child's sudden fear of attending school

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00 New research suggests that one in five UK children suffer from school phobia, where they're anxious and fearful about attending school and refuse to go, or make excuses to avoid it.
SUPPORT: could help school phobia A further 23% said it was caused by kids feeling they weren't performing well enough while 19% said their child was overwhelmed by the size of their school.
In this regard, our main research aims are: a) to estimate the prevalence of OCS in a community sample of adolescents in the municipality of Rubi (Barcelona), b) to explore the association of OCS with anxiety symptoms severity, such as separation anxiety, generalized anxiety, social/ school phobia and panic/somatic symptoms, and c) to assess the association of OCS with depressive symptom severity.
Blagg, The Behavioural Treatment of School Phobia, (Florence, KY: Taylor and Frances/Routledge, 1990).
They can get into depression and also develop school phobia," he said.
Issues include sell-esteem, confidence, bedwetting, soiling, the effects of bullying, behaviour problems, school issues such as lack of organisational skills, study skills, exam strategies using accelerated learning skills, overcoming general anxiety, anxiety in relation to exams and school phobia.
There are also less obvious issues, such as anxiety, school phobia, or depression.
For some children, going to school becomes a significant problem and School phobia affects 5% of schoolchildren.
School refusal behavior is a term than encompasses all subsets of problematic absenteeism, such as truancy, school phobia, and separation anxiety.
Children experiencing school phobia display severe anxiety regarding the prospect of attending school, often accompanied by somatic symptoms.
For example, numerous terms have been bandied about to describe illegitimate and problematic absenteeism, including school phobia, truancy, school refusal, and separation anxiety.
Other researchers are investigating the use of pregabalin in generalized anxiety disorder, school phobia, and pain associated with fibromyalgia.
Right now the greatest obstacle to the diagnosis is the assumption that an adolescent with CFS is suffering from school phobia or depression.
Even mild shyness might lead to school phobia, social anxiety and emotional stress.
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