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a newspaper written and published by students in a school

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The school paper contest awarded the best news, features, editorial, Science and Technology, and sports sections, as well as the best layout and page design, and the overall best school papers.
Mesa, regional director of PIA-Western Visayas said that the the awards are meant to recognize and give incentive to campus paper advisers who had contributed time, effort and unwavering commitment to responsible campus journalism and the promotion of development communication through campus school papers.
Do you have a teammate who might like to supply the school paper with scores and news?
When Mac's on-field chatter and popularity with the coach gets on someone's nerves, he becomes the butt of satirical cartoons in the school paper.
Sometimes, one school paper can be the basis for several articles.
SCHOOL ACTIVITIES: Basketball, Grades 9-12, captain, Grade 12; choir, Grades 9-12, tenor; cross-country, Grades 9 and 10; National Honor Society, Grades 10-12, president, Grade 12; Drama Club, Grade 12; school paper, editor, Grade 12.
This spring I joined the staff of our high school paper.
I was a painter, a writer, I edited the school paper.
The student representative to the school board, a writer for the high school paper, he was a young man of promise.
Staffers such as Sports Editor Cheeto Barrera helps kids at Burroughs High with their school paper, which the daily prints at cost.
The Kids at Latimar High is a novel for young adults following African-American high school student Lauren O'Neil, whose passions include earning her continuing place on the honor roll and tracking down the biggest scoops for the school paper.
Hildy's reporting gets too close to special interests, and the school paper is shut down.
Armed with his degree from the State University of New York at Binghamton and experience as editor of the school paper, he went south to Atlanta in search of warmer weather and a job.
The program covers materials found in offices, classrooms and cafeterias including all types of paper, including school paper, cardboard, newspaper, magazines, unwanted mail, aluminum and steel cans and plastic and glass bottles.
The pupils, from Robert Gordon's College in Aberdeen, were due to pick up two Newsday awards for the best school photojournalist and the second best run school paper in Britain at a ceremony in Westminster.
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