school day

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any day on which school is in session

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the period of instruction in a school

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In a letter outlining the proposed changes, headteacher Neil Warner, stressed that teaching time would not be reduced and said the plans would make the school day "more efficient".
Kids won't notice an extra 20 minutes on the school day.
Vice-principal Ian Parry claimed having a longer school day is a big bonus.
His Budget will signal an end to the Victorian tradition of the school day finishing at 3.
Maryam Hamad al-Mannai, vice-president of Student Affairs at HBKU and the person who devised School Day commented: "We are committed to helping students reach their potential through higher education -- whether they are current or prospective students.
If approved the school day would be extended by 15 minutes.
The school year will be cut in June by one school day because of furlough days.
Summary: Education Minister Elias Bou Saab announced Sunday that Monday would be a normal school day, adding that there would be no classes Tuesday for Ashoura.
The pitch will remain available for school use during the school day and for full use by the Nuneaton community during the evenings and at weekends.
First school day for Kieron Shaw, Harry Shaw, Izzy Pearson, Shaniece Sturdy, Lewis Berry and Kelsey Sturdy
MICHAEL Gove trots out his latest list of "revolutionary" ideas to improve education - a 9 or 10 hour school day, giving pupils private school style entrance examinations, improving school discipline and he says anyone WALKING into a state school should not be able to tell the difference between it and a private school.
From a pre-homeroom book club to a lunchtime enrichment class, a new initiative is shaking up the school day at Angevine Middle School (Colo.
As the final bell of the regular school day rings through the hallways of Denton Independent School District's E.
The "Making the Sunscreen Grade" program provides tools to help educate parents on the importance of sun protection during the school day and year-round.
Almost 1,000 Bike to School Day events in 49 States and the District of Columbia registered through the official event Web site at www.
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