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a pedestrian crossing where school children cross a street on the way to school

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Anyone interested in taking up the vacant post should contact Leicestershire County Council's School Crossing Patrol Service on 0116 305 6579.
The ceremony saw the school crossing patrollers given long-service badges corresponding to their length of service from the town's Deputy Mayor Cllr Charlie Rooney.
Thanks to the new supervisors, students across Queensland will benefit from the School Crossing Supervisor Scheme (SCSS) for many years to come.
While attendants at two school crossing points on the Great North Road and Broadway East, near a number of Gosforth schools, and one between Stephenson Road and Newton Road, near Heaton Manor School were kept on, some Gosforth parents don't believe this is enough.
Since 2003, death and injury rates have fallen every year, but that trend could end if school crossing patrols are axed.
Would the leader of the council accept that rationalising and reducing the cost of offices so the disproportionate amount of office space used for the leader, deputy leader, opposition, cabinet, Labour group and members' services would free up monies to retain school crossing patrols?
A decision was made at Kirklees Council's annual budget meeting in February to reduce school crossing patrols.
But the GMB union, which has successfully battled to save Birmingham's 180 school crossing wardens, said it still has concerns as the Labour-run council has not discussed how the scheme will work with staff or union representatives.
Labour Council leader John Clancy has also announced a new School Crossing Patrol Trust which will raise sponsorship money and seek investment from schools, who are responsible for road safety for pupils, to keep the lollipop ladies on the streets for years to come.
PCSO Hannah Dickerson said: "We are asking drivers using this road to abide by the directions of the Corn Hir School Crossing attendant and also the traffic lights system at this crossing.
Coun Phil White, the council's Cabinet Member for Communities, said: "Every single one of our school crossing patrols has experienced situations where drivers fail to stop or subject them to verbal abuse.
The island's 19 school crossing attendants help children cross some of Anglesey busiest roads on their way to and from school.
The Vale council paid tribute to its school crossing patrols and their success in the Kerbcraft scheme at a ceremony in Barry.
ROAD safety officials from Warwickshire County Council are warning that the lives of youngsters and school crossing patrols are being put at risk by drivers who flout the law.
SPY cameras are to be fitted to the lollipops of school crossing patrols to catch dangerous drivers.
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