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Synonyms for scholastic

Synonyms for scholastic

characterized by a narrow concern for book learning and formal rules, without knowledge or experience of practical matters

Synonyms for scholastic

a person who pays more attention to formal rules and book learning than they merit

a Scholastic philosopher or theologian

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Wilks's study does not emphasize man's moral nature in the characters of Romeo and Juliet, nor Shakespeare's own religious tendencies, but rather gives attention to the scholastically influential issue of conscience in many other tragedies (i.
In Jesus' day, if your were passionate for God's Word, were exceptionally gifted scholastically and felt God's call on your life, you would likely seek to become a rabbi.
An additional $28,000 was granted to school and community programs assisting farmworker families to succeed scholastically.
The significance of that question stems from the requirement of scholastically motivated parental choice for competition-induced improvement in public schools.
The rate held steady throughout the decade and carried over into the new century, as the nation's battle with obesity climbed to epidemic proportions and a growing number of young athletes looked to extend their sports careers (either scholastically or professionally).
Scholastically he distinguished himself at neither, though he acquired enough of a taste for Latin and Greek to be able to rediscover their pleasures in old age, as educated men and women sometimes do.
It is also an enduringly important and scholastically impressive addition to community and academic library 20th Century American Business reference collections.
Pough outlines that such an approach is both scholastically and morally irresponsible and reprehensible, and she advances a theoretically sophisticated yet accessible text that poses pragmatic alternatives.
Born the son of a devout parish priest, Glukharev excelled scholastically all his life.
She was a medical student from Frankfurt am Main; he, highly talented, although 'not a scholastically organized man', (23) had studied sociology and French and German literature.
Emphasizing ideas necessary for Mexican-American students to achieve scholastically, his text offers conceptual frameworks to think or rethink how to lead and direct schools; guidelines for organizing instruction and learning to improve teaching and increase student achievement; practical ideas for establishing a positive learning community which promotes both student learning and schools as service centers to assist Spanish-speaking parents and other community members; and identification of programs already in place that work to increase achievement and strong student self-concept.
Fathers of boys who indicated that their child received above average grades had group mean scores significantly higher than the other groups of fathers of scholastically average or below average students for their ability to handle frustration, F(2, 77) = 3.
Lee Mohun distinguished herself scholastically at St.
Scholastically, Fergo has done extremely well in our local market in all sports and intends to advance on a more national level.