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Synonyms for scholastic

Synonyms for scholastic

characterized by a narrow concern for book learning and formal rules, without knowledge or experience of practical matters

Synonyms for scholastic

a person who pays more attention to formal rules and book learning than they merit

a Scholastic philosopher or theologian

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Whether the child will be scholastically capable of keeping up with their peers.
Appreciating the Times of Oman initiative, Tonny George Alexander, chairman of board of directors, Indian Schools in Oman, said, "Quizzing is a unique activity in which not only participants are actively involved but those who witness also get involved implicitly and in the process it turns not only a knowledge seeking quest but scholastically entertaining for everyone.
It seems intellectually prudent to predict that Malcolm X will be a scholastically preferred narrative of Malcolm's life for generations to come.
We have had to wait a long time, however, for a monograph which examines both ethnic Fijians (i-Taukei) and Indo-Fijians within the same frame, both in relation to each other and in their decidedly different sets of experience with Europeans (some of whose descendents in due course came to be known as the Part-Europeans who for many decades now have played a significant--albeit largely scholastically neglected--part of Fiji's complex ethnic palette).
The Conservatives scholastically speculated that a mother with child without a husband is not a family, as if it is not up to people themselves to decide what the family is.
Swords to allow him to travel down the East Coast to recruit scholastically qualified African-American students to come to Holy Cross on scholarships.
For a classification that would be neither graphic nor formal it was necessary, in seeking the reserves of poetic form, to speak of the syllable, understood not overly schoLastically, but rather as a rhythmic particle.
McCann sets the table first, by explaining the ingredients, and then by serving up the main dishes, as if to say scholastically, "bon appetit.
While it is wise to encourage your child to do as well as possible scholastically, it also is important to permit your child to explore sports, music, dance, art and other activities in order to discover opportunities to be successful outside the classroom.
These results are in line with those suggesting that females tend to be more scholastically motivated (or have less amotivation) than males (e.
It's an observable fact that many graduate students, some with master's degrees from highly reputable, scholastically celebrated universities, have no knowledge of rules of punctuation or word usage; worse, there are some active college faculty who will admit, privately, that they never use a semicolon because they have no idea how to do so correctly.
Scholastically the unwritten rule (gentlemen's agreement) when discussing, writing or documenting people of color in any form (oral or written) is that they must be identified unlike whites who are considered the standard/invisible.
I don't think I was so unique, but I was, I guess, more of a student and more involved scholastically than some of my other friends.
In that novel, she becomes interested in Jewish religion after her father's death, subsequently scandalizing the local Jewish community by scholastically outperforming the boys in her Jewish day school.