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Synonyms for scholarly

Synonyms for scholarly

having or showing profound knowledge and scholarship

devoted to study or reading

Antonyms for scholarly

characteristic of scholars or scholarship

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1science is set to become a major disruptor in the scholarly, scientific and technical publishing industry, with our comprehensive suite of products for open access quickly gaining interest in academic libraries," says Dr.
Scholarly writing retreats are an action-oriented step designed to overcome barriers to publishing.
Why does it appear that print-based Canadian feminist scholarly journals are only just "creeping online" and, what are the implications of this approach for engaging in and across transnational feminist scholarship?
Formal scholarly communication can research articles, letters, memos, conferences, technical reports, monographs, edited books, and so on.
The work is quite abstract, scholarly and requires some knowledge of church ritual, more helpfully black Baptist/Pentecostal.
Yet in scholarly circles, adult-centered analysis of religious practice takes precedence over children's experience.
The Service ruled that an exempt educational and literary organization's sale of a half-interest in its scholarly journal to a commercial publisher (P) did not affect the organization's exempt status under Sec.
Addinall (Professor in the French Department at the University of Wales, Swansea) is a scholarly introduction and study of the political thought as from the perspective the French.
ProQuest has retained all rights to newspaper and scholarly content.
Wright has synthesized an enormous amount of scholarly work about the historical Jesus.
University presses satisfy many needs, from publishing scholarly monographs for highly specialized audiences to commissioning reference books to which we all have occasional recourse.
To get at this heart of darkness Goldenberg musters up an astounding volume of statement, exegesis and analysis: I cannot recall ever encountering a full-sized scholarly monograph where the number of text pages (here about two hundred) is matched and indeed overmatched by the number of pages of apparatus, mainly footnotes.
The National Library of Medicine (NLM) awards small grants for the preparation of book-length manuscripts and other scholarly works of value to U.
Instead, I was trained to keep such things at bay as I strived to distill the purest form of objective scholarship deemed the best scholarly answers to any questions.
Tell that to the academics who are making game studies into a scholarly discipline.