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obtain or seek to obtain by cadging or wheedling

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To clarify the problem, we consider a combination of the Schnorr identification scheme, which is proven to be secure, and our BB-KDF for a biometric authentication scheme.
[8] extend the concept of Schnorr randomness to computable probability spaces, and they show that the idea of Schnorr randomness is weaker than the notion of Martin-Lof randomness in this context.
(52) He confessed to the murders of Schnorr and Ackerman and told
An example of a questionnaire form of assessment is the Spiritual Assessment Guidelines by Schnorr (2005).
The research team, composed of anthropologists, microbial ecologists, molecular biologists, and analytical chemists, and led in part by Stephanie Schnorr and Amanda Henry of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, compared the Hadza gut microbiota to that of urban living Italians, representative of a "westernized" population.
Thomas Schnorr merged his firm, RE/MAX First with RE/MAX Realty Group, led by Michael Haymes and Jeffrey Hoffman (pictured).
The one-more discrete logarithm (OMDL) problem was first introduced by Bellare and Palacio [20] in their proof against impersonation under active and concurrent attacks for the standard Schnorr identification scheme.
Schnorr e Schnorr (2007) alertam para a importancia de se entender alguns aspectos culturais chineses para que os executivos brasileiros possam comercializar com empresarios da China.
Although occupations, education/training providers, and employers change over time, the rate of change varies from rapid to relatively stable (Diemer & Hsieh, 2008; Lustig & Strauser, 2003; Schnorr & Ware, 2001; Shinnar, 2007).
Close by, more ornate monuments mark the graves of Ludwig and Malvina Schnorr von Carolsfeld, creators of the roles of Tristan and I solde.
Whelan, E.A., Piacitelli, G.M., Gerwel, B., Schnorr, T.M., Mueller, C.A., Gittleman, J., & Matte, T.D.