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obtain or seek to obtain by cadging or wheedling

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Eve], and then sends the forged bid requests to AM, this will make AM overload by computing the Schnorr signatures.
Schnorr, "A class of quasi-variational inequalities for adaptive image denoising and decomposition," Computational Optimization and Applications, vol.
Schnorr e Schnorr (2007) alertam para a importancia de se entender alguns aspectos culturais chineses para que os executivos brasileiros possam comercializar com empresarios da China.
Although occupations, education/training providers, and employers change over time, the rate of change varies from rapid to relatively stable (Diemer & Hsieh, 2008; Lustig & Strauser, 2003; Schnorr & Ware, 2001; Shinnar, 2007).
Close by, more ornate monuments mark the graves of Ludwig and Malvina Schnorr von Carolsfeld, creators of the roles of Tristan and I solde.
Other authors of the paper are graduate student Jonathan Weis and postdocs Jan Schnorr and Birgit Esser.
Within inclusive classrooms, students with disabilities have access to meaningful, rigorous general education curricula; and special education is specifically designed instruction to assist them in maximizing their highest potential (Algozzine & Ysseldyke, 2006; Causton-Theoharis & Theoharis, 2008; Ford, Davern, & Schnorr, 2001; Hockenbury, 1999).
The first one is based on Schnorr digital signature algorithm and the second one is using Proxy Signature scheme introduced by Mambo.
THE GOOD LIFE: Sir William Russell-Flint's Song of Solomon, painted in 1909 (above) and (left) the same scene depicted in a 19th century engraving by Julius Schnorr Carolsfeld DIRTY DANCING: Rebecca Brewer and Mark Quartley in rehearsal for Song of Songs.
Simon Schnorr, a London-based marine client director at Aon Risk Solutions, a unit of the world's largest insurance broker, told Bloomberg that vessels carrying oil from Iran will have to use "questionable" insurance, which some tanker firms may be unwilling to do.