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(Yiddish) a gullible simpleton more to be pitied than despised


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Walter White in Breaking Bad says that crime made him feel "alive." Tony Soprano, monster though he may be, is continually contrasted with pathetic and envious civilian schnooks like Artie Bucco.
Alan Friedman, "Bernard Malamud: The Hero as Schnook," Southern Review 4 (1968): 928, argues that the "baseball formula is too frail to bear the weight of imposed meaning." Robert Ducharme, in Art and Ideas: The Novels of Bernard Malamud (The Hague: Mouton, 1989), p.
"They'd trade words," Hijuelos writes, "schlep (dope), schmuck (fool), schnook (ignoramus), schlemiel (wastrel, fool), for bobo (dope), vago (lazy lout), maricon (fairy), and pendejo (ball-busting predatory lout)." (32) It is a two-way street of exchange--Yiddish for Spanish, Spanish for Yiddish--with Latino/a musical culture as the ground of dialogue and friendship between a Mandelbaum and a Castillo.
One unfortunate packed off to the boonies is Phil's schoolmate Seldon, the novel's designated schnook upon whom every misfortune befalls.
Another is to enter into a contract in which you stick some other poor schnook with the loss.
And so it went on until the 13th interview at lunchtime, when Sammy Schnook or Eddie Twatt from WQCRUD, Las Vegas said: "But, hey, your European golfers are crap anyway."
I became equally incensed when some "schnook" insisted we use his current newspaper ad as the visual and just have an announcer "read some copy over it".
You know: the pygmy raises this long bamboo tube to his lips, goes fftttt, and the poor schnook who's the target clutches the back of his neck and keels over.
Neil has become a Hollywood agent--which, in keeping with the cliches of the script, means he's a schnook. He can't see what the audience easily can, that beneath Shalini's homely facade is a babe.
Just demonstrate that some poor schnook might take advantage, and puff--up go the fraud statistics, along with the premiums.
Greg is finally kicked out of the house an hour into the picture, leaving the young man to wonder if he really is as big a schnook as he's seemed for the past two days, and Jack to decide whether he's an impossibly overprotective father.