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deep-fried breaded veal cutlets

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Going forward, the Schnitzel comes in two flavours: 'Salt & Pepper' and 'Spicy' and will set you back Dh9 A-La-Carte or Dh17 for a meal.
The new Schnitzel is a boneless whole piece of halal chicken breast coated with breading that comes in two flavours: salt & pepper and spicy.
Following another dose of Germany's ever so tasty schnitzel, the group took a whistle-stop-tour of the Olympic Stadium and were able to see exactly where Hitler stood during the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin.
95 THE FOOD Star dish Chicken schnitzel (with beurre noisette), caramelised pineapple and bacon PS10.
And I remembered that, in my notes, I'd saved a photo I'd once seen online, which was of a huge veal schnitzel, with the bone still attached, being served to a customer in some unknown eatery.
Sure whatever you like really in the fish, chicken, pork or veal area if you fancy that Schnitzel.
There'll be a selection including wurstl, schnitzel, pretzel, schweinshaxe, sauerkraut, spatzle, schweinebraten, steckerlfisch, knodel and kasespatzle along with a few others, so you'll be spoilt for choice.
An Oktoberfest package, from PS26 to PS44, includes seating, two glasses of beer, a shot, a Schnitzel with fries and bread.
The duo finish off their Arabian adventure by cooking a Middle Eastern chicken schnitzel in Old Jerusalem.
Apprenticed to a famous wizard, young Schnitzel is not known for his hard work.
This is a two-unit counter-service eatery serving chicken schnitzel in 7 globally inspired flavors for patrons who appreciate a better-for-you chicken meal.
presidential candidate Donald Trump adorned one of the walls of Schnitzel Haus, a German eatery in Brooklyn, New York.
The restaurant company, FIGLMULLER, coats more than 250,000 WIENER SCHNITZEL with breadcrumbs every year for its guests from around the world.
In cookery, the traditional Austrian Wiener Schnitzel is made with which meat?
The meat is tender and cooked to perfection, not too rare, not too well done, just as much as a schnitzel demands and all the taste lies in the simplicity of it all; as it does with most dishes here.