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rolled dough spread with sugar and nuts then sliced and baked in muffin tins with honey or sugar and butter in the bottom

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Today, the fundraisers have morphed into food fairs where the communities boast of serving authentic New York deli food as well as "start from scratch" Jewish kugels, blintzes, and schnecken.
1) Die Benennungen der Schnecken und ihrer Hauser im Estnischen und in seinen verwandten Sprachen ware ein interessantes Forschungsthema (so z.
Rugelach and schnecken are the subject of much confusion in the world of Jewish baking.
Schnecken were very popular as breakfast treats throughout Germany and the Austro-Hungarian Empire, where many bakers happened to be Jewish.
Schnecken are the predecessors to the American sticky bun, the sweet roll, the iconic rest-stop treat Cinnabon, and the delectable pecan roll that I used to eat at Drake's in Ann Arbor, when I studied at the University of Michigan.
Schnecken arrived in America with Germans and German Jews in the 19th century.
Classic schnecken are a bit crisper than American sticky buns.
who shared her grandmother Bessie's schnecken recipe with me, explained that her grandmother always made schnecken (or were they rugelach?
It seems that on this side of the Atlantic, schnecken often loses the yeast and the sour cream and became more like rugelach.
Grandma Bessie Weinstein's Schnecken Adapted from Stephanie Levine
s Schnecken Adapted from Joan Nathan's Jewish Holiday Cookbook
Uber das Osphradium der prosobranchen Schnecken Buccinum undatum (L.