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Synonyms for schmuck

Synonyms for schmuck

(Yiddish) a jerk

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A Chandler Democrat, Bowie last beat Schmuck in 2016, when the two ran head-to-head for the open Senate seat in Legislative District 18.
In Born to Kvetch, Wex writes that schmuck, meaning "penis" or "jerk," "has nothing to do with schmuck, the German word for jewelry or decoration."
"At the end of the day, it goes back to our Appeals mission, which is we are supposed to act in a manner that is fair and impartial to both the taxpayer and the government," Schmuck said.
In recordings made public by the Federal Aviation Administration, the actor can be heard telling the air traffic controller he was a 'schmuck' for landing in the wrong place.
| Comedian Omid Djalilli will perform his new show Schmuck at the Spa Centre
he won't," calling himself a "schmuck" for giving Carlos Beltran his lucrative seven-year contract in 2005, and asserting that David Wright was "not a superstar."
And the schmuck actually tries doing some such antic.
Now, keep in mind, these titles appealed to some poor schmuck assistant publisher somewhere--they actually got printed!--so don't give up hope on your blockbuster book ideas of "Accidental Discharges: A Laugh a Minute!" or "101 Fun Uses for Corroded Bore Brushes," OK?
So I don't want to be the lanky schmuck to mess it up!" Baruchel said.
Spring fort's win in the 7f plus event was the final leg of a first-ever treble for the Curragh trainer, who won the 5f handicap with Lady Schmuck and was also successful with Jettymark at Sligo.
All of these materials feature, alongside plastic and various forms of metal ranging from gold to stainless steel, in Schmuck 2008, the world's largest open exhibition of contemporary jewellery.
Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) a "schmuck" during a speech.
This is skating, so who cares about some schmuck pontificating on the esoteric value of van life in the open country, the ins and outs of truck stop food, how rad we are when we get drunk and party, the chicks we bang, the cool people we meet, how sick so and so's triple flip was, and the whatnot?
So here's my plea: T reat a self-fueling station like you own it, so the poor schmuck who taxis up at midnight for gas won't have to clean up your mess.