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Back in August, at the high tide of hysteria over his PS110million trolley dash, the Italian silver fox was billed as an arch boardroom schmoozer.
The descriptors include pushy, selfish, lazy, rich, schmoozer, money hungry, dishonest, unknowledgeable and insincere.
You need someone onside, so use your skills as a master schmoozer.
At least we'll all be able to relate to the final inevitable hurdle to deal with on a works night out, sorting out the boozers from the schmoozer's as the bar bill arrives.
Some racegoers, who had seen and intended to book tickets at the original price, or who are regular attendees at a fixture which has the Mill Reef Stakes as a highlight, were naturally irate at the prospect of having to pay double just because the 63-year-old schmoozer is in town.
Obama, she notes, is "not a schmoozer in the same way." She identifies the idiosyncrasies: Obama's deep and long-standing home base connections are in big-city Chicago; Clinton, meanwhile, found a vast network in Los Angeles that he couldn't get in the much smaller Little Rock.
Although she was a schmoozer extraordinaireand you only have to read her blog or listen to her music to realize that she was incredibly funnyshe was also an author in her own right and owned a record label that released music by Maya Angelou, Norman Mailer, and Leonard Maltin.
He was an indefatigable schmoozer who knew everyone who was in the know, from Salvador Dali to Theodore Dreiser to Helena Rubenstein.
At 46, Modi is the great gambler who, like an veteran schmoozer at a Las Vegas casino, doesn't get a deal wrong.
School board members, administrators, and teachers understand the difference between reporting how time is spent and demonstrating the impact on academic outcomes (Louis, Jones, & Barajas, 2001; Myrick, 2003; Schmoozer, 2006; Stone, 2003; Thorn & Mulvenon, 2002).
The Democratic fund-raising whiz Terry McAuliffe, we learn, is such an antsy and incorrigible schmoozer that he skips his wife's labor in favor of a party for the gossip columnist at the Post.
But the Rhondda-born schmoozer's flirtation with the clubs and pubs of the Valleys could have flattened his career before it began.
This poet who resided most comfortably on his own duff, this splendid loafer and gregarious ferry or streetcar schmoozer, somehow managed to attract a most remarkably industrious group of disciples (Traubel was called "lethally industrious").
Be likeable, but not a schmoozer. Never make jokes.
For example, one principal may have much stronger relationships with the business' customers ("customer schmoozer").