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(Yiddish) a batch of things that go together

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This IVR has a tremendous amount of checks early on in the call flow," Schmeer explains.
Other researchers have tried unsuccessfully to repair damaged retinas with stem cell transplants, says Christian Schmeer, a neurologist at the University Hospital Jena in Germany.
5, the star was unexpectedly found by Patrick Schmeer (7) to be in outburst for a second time at v= 12.
Wolfmeyer A, Wolf G, Beer M, Strube W, Hehnen HR, Schmeer N, Kaaden OR.
al, 2008; Cortes, 2007: 1-46; Sawyer y Keyes, 2008); en medir, estudiar o comparar los efectos de la emigracion del padre o la madre (Lu y Treiman, 2007; Pottinger y Williams Brown, 2005; Pribilsky, 2001: 251-273; Scalabrini Migration Center, 2003; Schmeer, 2009: 1281-1286; Smith et al.
A good enough schmeer, maybe the comedian will switch places with us.
Mr Justice Jacob granted an immediate injunction against Campus Insurance Services and the firm's owne, Dan Schmeer, preventing further trade mark infringement and passing off and ordering the transfer of the domain names to Endsleigh.
He also includes a glossary of more than 150 euphemisms for flattery (apple-polish, blow smoke, curry favor, kiss up, kowtow, laud, puffery, schmeer, toady, snow job, stroke, suck-up, sycophant and yes-man).