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(Yiddish) a batch of things that go together

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"This IVR has a tremendous amount of checks early on in the call flow," Schmeer explains.
Dush, who conducted the study with Kammi Schmeer, an assistant professor of sociology at Ohio State, and Miles Taylor, assistant professor of sociology at Florida State University, said that the study involved mostly low-income families, and the results showed mothers who were more impoverished reported significantly higher levels of chaos.
God didn't write our internal code, but She/He/It is behind the whole schmeer. God is "the Life, Love, and Intelligence of the Universe," according to Mordecai Kaplan; God is the Process, the Power, behind these holy miracles of our ever-evolving existence.
Other researchers have tried unsuccessfully to repair damaged retinas with stem cell transplants, says Christian Schmeer, a neurologist at the University Hospital Jena in Germany.
Due to the lack of data we cannot say whether the star returned to quiescence at the end of the normal outburst, but 6 days after the last observation at C= 15.5, the star was unexpectedly found by Patrick Schmeer (7) to be in outburst for a second time at v= 12.9.
Camera (Deluxe color), Kristian Kachikis; editor, Karen Schmeer; music, Tim Boland, Sam Retzer; music supervisors, Greg Danylyshyn, Gerry Cueller; production designer, Paula Good; art director, Chris Giola; costume designer, Christie Wittenborn; sound (Dolby Digital), Jay Verkamp; supervising sound editor, Trip Brock; visual effects supervisor, Lee "Rod" Roderick; visual effects, Handmade Digital; stunt coordinator, Jeannie Epper; line producer, Keeley Gould; assistant director, Louis Hagney; casting, Mary Vernieu, Venus Kanani.
A good enough schmeer, maybe the comedian will switch places with us.
Mr Justice Jacob granted an immediate injunction against Campus Insurance Services and the firm's owne, Dan Schmeer, preventing further trade mark infringement and passing off and ordering the transfer of the domain names to Endsleigh.
He also includes a glossary of more than 150 euphemisms for flattery (apple-polish, blow smoke, curry favor, kiss up, kowtow, laud, puffery, schmeer, toady, snow job, stroke, suck-up, sycophant and yes-man).
Marlene Schmeer (279), and Bonnie Titus (255) earned the Ladies Team award.
I have noticed, as a reviewer--also as someone who is temporarily occupying a cell at the NFB's mothership--that there is a "neogenerational schmeer," as D.A.
Chemical analysis of arils revealed the presence of 1,2-diolein (Schmeer et al.