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(Yiddish) a batch of things that go together

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Spread with a thick schmear of cream cheese, top with several slices of salmon, a little fresh dill and a shot of aquavit.
SCHMEAR | Blend chopped kimchi with cream cheese and a little sour cream.
Asked About His Best Bagel, Obama Said I'm Always A Big Poppy Seed Guy With Your Basic Schmear', Referring To Cream Cheese Smear
We are very excited to welcome Jimmy John's, Dunkin' Donuts, PWS, Danlu, Schmear It and Herban Quality Eats to 3601 Market.
HOW ABOUT A BAGEL WITH A GREEK YOGURT SCHMEAR? That is now possible thanks to the Smithfield Cream Cheese and Greek Yogurt being introduced by Alouette Cheese USA.
(These days, who thinks "Jewish" when they reach for their bagel and schmear?) In recognition of these culinary superstars, Moment editors put their tastebuds to work to come up with a list of their favorite Jewish-American foods.
During the busy times, I would hop in and schmear cream cheese on bagels for people."
With the recipes, you can make herring in parchment, potato latkes, and fruit strudel, and you may want to have these ingredients on hand while reading--it may only take a few pages before you're imagining gnawing on a bagel topped with a schmear of cream cheese and draped with lox.
"There's nobody else in the schmear that believes this: I just can't believe he started off to do it, mainly because these were his friends and his really close business partners.
A "schmear" of cream cheese may be the most common bagel accompaniment, but you can gain a nutritional boost if you vary your toppings.
So we've scanned and uploaded the full set of pre-filed amendments, available here in total, if you want the whole schmear in one document, or in sections, corresponding with the 11 articles in the state budget.
New York's sales tax doesn't cover whole bagels, but if you want yours sliced with a schmear, the state wants its own cut.
Willi Lehner of Bleu Mont Dairy created his Earth Schmear cheese with a filtered brew made from the soil at his home in Blue Mounds, Wis.
The menu is eclectic, she said, with offerings as varied as steel-cut oatmeal cooked to order, bagels with a salmon schmear (a nod to her New Jersey roots), macaroni and cheese, and pastries baked on the premises.
They overflow and fall on the floor to show what I have done for more than seventy years of writing, and to do the whole damn bit, the whole schmear, is not bad.