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Synonyms for schmaltz

the quality or condition of being affectedly or overly emotional

Synonyms for schmaltz

(Yiddish) excessive sentimentality in art or music

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Thus, foods common to everyone in Poland and Germany, such as crepes, dumplings and puddings, were adopted by Jews and became blintzes, kneydlach and kugels, and were bestowed with unique tastes and textures by adding schmaltz made of flavored poultry fat.
and NorthStar Financial Services Group, has hired Jeffrey Schmaltz as a regional sales director based in Fort Worth, Texas.
If the fallen Tour de France legend is to admit his sins, he should do so to cycling's governing bodies rather than the Queen of Schmaltz.
Schmaltz will remain general manager of the business, whose personnel, at all of its locations, is also expected to be retained.
TMG Financial Services, Des Moines, Iowa, recently announced April Schmaltz has joined the team as vice president of marketing.
Nothing, not even yesteryear''s similarly contrived Valentine''s Day, also directed by Marshall, will have prepared you for this film''s relentless onslaught of schmaltz.
but it was a damp squib of an episode, full of sentimental schmaltz and repetitive romantic couplings.
NASA image courtesy Jeff Schmaltz, MODIS Rapid Response Team at NASA GSFC.
Schmaltz mounts an argument at the opposite end of the interpretive spectrum, namely, for causal realism in Descartes's physics and causally restricted "mere conservationism" (as opposed to occasionalism and concurentism) on the part of Descartes's God.
The Last Song (PG, 103 mins) A Miley Cyrus-powered Disney romp with the knob marked schmaltz turned up to 11.
Schmaltz will open "The World's Smallest Non-Production Brewery" in Coney Island this Memorial Day Weekend.
The love-beyond-thegrave theme is very touching and Swayze''s ascent into heaven is sublime schmaltz.
In this book Schmaltz examines Descartes' claims concerning causal relations, arguing, against alternative readings, that they systematically portray a theory of causation that attributes efficient causality to God as well as to the things God creates and conserves.
The most energetic Westlife get on stage is getting up off their stools when they want to emote during the chorus of You Raise Me Up, before sitting back down again for the next verse of nanna-baiting schmaltz.
TIS the week before Christmas, but racing thankfully remains a joyful diversion from all the toe-curling schmaltz and vim.