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Director Steve James (Hoop Dreams, The Interrupters) blends an intimate end-of-life story with Ebert's wide-ranging biography: precocious college newspaper editor, recovering chunk, screenwriter of the schlocky Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, friend and critic of Hollywood's biggest names.
I know that for myself, though not necessarily exploitation films, some of the first films I grew enamored with as a kid were schlocky, action movies.
Turning the Jonestown tragedy, in which 918 followers of self-proclaimed messiah died in an act of 'revolutionary suicide', into a piece of schlocky entertainment is tasteless enough - especially for the survivors and their families.
It's a risky endeavour because he show could be schlocky if not handled correctly by the right people, and we all had that knowledge before we started," notes San Francisco-born Hartnett, who's currently dating British actress Tamsin Egerton.
We were sucked into a giant (and I am stealing this term from a slightly schlocky Syfy original movie) ice twister.
Silly, schlocky and with what looks like a fourfigure budget, the film's many flaws are offset by a subversive sense of humour.
So how can they dodge Disneyfication, eschew schlocky themes, avoid portraying women as victims and stay relevant to today's culture while representing people and circumstances that are recognizable and riveting?
Not that I expected a schlocky performance; though I'm a newcomer to Actors Cabaret, I knew of its reputation for doing first-class stuff.
Closing with such a quote is certainly schlocky, but it is also certainly easy to digest.
Its bouncy, English-influenced score is rendered in schlocky cruise ship-style arrangements bearing little resemblance to the original, and the lyrics are inexplicably almost entirely new (one particularly misses the goofy "Olga from the Volga").
In a world where aging rock stars receive MBE awards, knighthoods from Queen Elizabeth and even appear as panelists on schlocky TV 'talent' programs, one should not be surprised by rock musicians appearing with the highest pillars of the Establishment.
If the specific pieces often boiled down to vehicles for low-ambition, knowingly schlocky gags--a biology lab set up to grow poppies for the cultivation of opium on Mars rejiggered, "due to federal law restrictions," to produce " 'soapium,' a Dial soap-based substitute"; a Winnebago RV fashioned into a "mobile quarantine facility" for returning astronauts, stocked with copious amounts of top-shelf booze--the conceptual coup de grace of the larger project was the way it cheerfully strong-armed visitors into playing along with its central conceit.
If Atwood fails to convincingly counter the charge that she doesn't hold a particularly high opinion of science fiction, this is because she doesn't, repeatedly referring to the genre's golden age incarnation as a schlocky catalog of bug-eyed monsters and busty damsels in distress: "It's too bad that one term--science fiction--has served for so many variants, and too bad that this term has acquired a dubious if not downright sluttish reputation.
Other times, the characters' dialogue teeters between the profound and schlocky.
do we want to be a schlocky outfit that takes ads in exchange for editorial coverage?