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(slang) a merchant who deals in shoddy or inferior merchandise

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It turned that trick yet again in October, when the Brooklyn Museum of New York warned that the art in its notorious "Sensation" exhibit might cause "vomiting" and "confusion," in just the way Hollywood schlockmeisters used to "warn" people that some lousy horror movie could scare them "to death," promising in their ads to pay for the funerals.
These days, blue-chip trust lawyers are less in the business of defining what the standard estate plan is and what a standard amount of taxes payable by law-abiding persons is; instead, they are more involved in finding the fraud line and trying to stay ahead of, and away from, the schlockmeisters. The blue-chip lawyers essentially do guarantee a high minimum level of competence and freedom from theft.
To imagine that the schlockmeisters who headed the major movie studios had any goal other than profits is a real stretch; they thought that the public wanted escape in spectacle, flash, and romance, and they gave it to them.
By way of a Napoleonic self-coronation as the most cynical of all literary schlockmeisters, Gary had brought out the novel, La Vie Devant Soi, pseudonymously and revealed his authorship only after it had won a major literary award.
Script by du Welz and Romain Protat tips its hat affectionately to schlockmeisters, but resists the temptation to spell out motivations too baldly in the way a U.S.-made movie might.