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(slang) a merchant who deals in shoddy or inferior merchandise

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From all of this, however, there is little doubt about one thing--though no schlockmeister, Yale would like to rewrite that old proverb to say: words should be both weighed and counted!
But Cane was no schlockmeister. His movies bridged the gap between soft-porners and film artists on whose radar screen viewer approval was a distant blip.
A crucial turning point came with "Schindler's List," the picture that forced everyone to acknowledge Spielberg, the ultimate commercial schlockmeister, as not just serious artist, but committed citizen and activist.
(The screenplay is by distinguished schlockmeister William Goldman, and based on a popular novel by David Baldacci.) By now, you may have heard the setup: Eastwood plays Luther Whitney, a sophisticated and highly successful thief, who happens to witness a murder while robbing a rich man's house.
With John Goodman having a great time impersonating '50s/'60s movie schlockmeister William Castle opening a new horror flick in South Florida during the Cuban Missile Crisis (it's "Mant--Half Man, Half Ant"; bits are featured in Matinee proper, but the video will include the complete, 20-minute version shot for continuity), you get A-bomb radiation coming at you from both sides.
Call him a B-movie maven, a huckster, an exploitation king or a schlockmeister, but Harris has made millions, and given work to countless film people.
Take the birth of The Naked Witch (1961), as recalled in Buchanan's 1996 autobiography, It Came from Hunger: Confessions of a Cinema Schlockmeister. A film distributor in Texas wanted to back "a drive-in picture with lots of nudity and very little dialogue," adding, "and all I can spend is $8,000." The Naked Witch returned its production costs 10-fold and gave Buchanan his first "hit." Apart from his luridness, Craig also sees virtue in Buchanan's "exciting" crudity, "abiding intelligence," sophisticated narrative structures, and experimental flair.
And then there was Fantasia's revelation -- Jose Mojica Marins, the Brazilian schlockmeister and performer whose crackpot visions of damnation make Bunuel's Chien Andalou seem almost Disneyesque.
When David Cronenberg made Scanners, he was pulling off the tricky balancing act of his early years as a commercial moviemaker, operating as both schlockmeister and auteur of dark, existential fables.
A curious departure for vet Canadian schlockmeister Damian Lee, this WWH account of the star-crossed love between a rabbi's daughter and a war-hating Teuton officer wants very much to be taken seriously.
In his 1996 book "It Came From Hunger: Tales of a Cinema Schlockmeister," he describes his style of guerrilla filmmaking.
Sponging up everything from Nippon monster movies to those runaway breasts in Woody Allen's "Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex ...," vet schlockmeister Mark Pirro's "Rectuma" releases a giant serial-killing butt on an unsuspecting City of the Angels.
In a move sure to irritate the French, who take their elections and politics as seriously as their cuisine and culture, schlockmeister extraordinaire Troma Films has formed a political faction, Partie Tromatique Francaise, which will stage a demonstration May 21 in front of the Cannes landmark, the Carlton Hotel.
24, and an updated version of schlockmeister William Castle's "13 Ghosts" debuted Oct.