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merchandise that is shoddy or inferior

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But while the direct-to-video horror comedy Demonic Toys is ultimately innocent schlock fun; the evil little fairies in Guillermo del Toro's Don't Be Afraid of the Dark are genuinely scary.
Where the Sheffield act's lukewarm stadium filling schlock seems forced, Houdini Dax are, for the most part, effortless fun.
Elsewhere, Grail meets Blackadder meets A Knight's Tale meets the odd bit of zombie schlock in a lovingly-crafted slice of medieval madness that is playing in repertory with Shakespeare's comedy As You Like It.
It must be said that introduction does lend itself to assuming this book will be a B-grade schlock fest.
Often the results can be anodyne pastiche or the schlock of the new.
Similar in its love of 1950s schlock movies to The Rocky Horror Show, it's about the strange happenings in a downat-heel florist shop.
Were it not for the casting of pop superstar Beyonce Knowles (also credited as an executive producer) as the wife who decides to fight for her man, literally, rather than lose him, this schlock probably would have headed straight to DVD.
Whether singleness has been selected deliberately or the unhappy and unwanted result of personal circumstance, it has always been a source of advice for schlock counselors, mercenary dating services, and those well (and not so well) meaning friends and family.
Be me ever so 'umble Your Ladyship, but this schlock gave me the creeps.
I'm sure this will one day become cult schlock viewing, but that day is an awfully long way off.
The event ends on a humorous note Sunday with Ed Wood's schlock classic "Plan 9 From Outer Space."
Many great moments in American art have taken us into the heat of competition; generally speaking, however, art that references the world of sports finds its niche at the dead center of mainstream culture, churned out by schlock mills, marketed in "starving artist" sales at airport motels, or, worse yet, sold in "theme art" galleries that specialize in ripping off their clientele with dubious merchandise and hard sell about "investment potential." While young artists (many of them still in graduate school) have recently shown a renewed interest in such "discredited" cultural byproducts as muscle cars and motorbikes, there's one old-timer who could still teach those pups some new tricks.
a solution of equal parts hydrogen peroxide, lemon juice, and triple-distilled 160-proof Ukrainian vodka"), where lost lovers can wander through a limpid collage equal parts Ernst and Joseph Cornell, and where--despite the cruelty and vapidity of the art world and world-at-large--our need for beauty can wind up requited even in the schlock of tin pigs and terrible songs.
Every chapter ends with a cliffhanger, just like the good old days, but this is a smooth, intelligent story, and not the herky-jerky schlock we're sadly used to in the adventure genre.
Yet while they both work in the arts--Faith as a successful producer of "schlock operas" in Boston, Jill writing for Six Feet Under in Los Angeles--the two have not worked together since the early 1990s, when they created the cult theatrical hit The Real Live Brady Bunch at the Annoyance Theater in Chicago, using exact scripts from classic Brady Bunch episodes to craft the show.