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Synonyms for schlimazel

(Yiddish) a very unlucky or inept person who fails at everything

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Although the schlemiel and schlimazel of traditional Jewish humor would continue to reproduce American versions and characters as set forth by Cohen and Wisse, a new form of Jewish humor would also be necessary to reflect the new world realities of a Jewish culture that was increasingly assimilated, empowered, and intermarried.
(17.) Carla Johnson, "Luckless in New York: The Schlemiel and the Schlimazel in Seinfeld" Journal of Popular Film and Television 22 (Fall 1994), 120.
When a schlimazel sells an umbrella the sun comes out.
Mazel and Schlimazel (1966), The Fools of Chelm and Their History (1973), and Stories for Children (1984) are among his numerous books for young readers.
But the schlimazel of the piece is of course Al Gore.