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(Yiddish) an awkward and stupid person

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The problem, and this is certainly not a startling "insight," is that deconstruction and all that it implies and includes is like psychoanalysis in that for every first-rate practitioner, you have a hundred schleppers.
A Gallup survey sponsored by Xerox shows that despite their titles, many info execs in the region are screwdriver-toting schleppers rather than high-powered decision makers.
His car, by contrast, is an island of lost souls: forlorn, pathetic schleppers who appear to be en route to oblivion.
1 physician and teacher wherever he settled (Canada, the United States, and England), who had diseases he defined named after him--prescribing recreational therapy for us schleppers who are still on the phone with a character disorder at 8 p.
He is befriended by Rose (Argwings Khodek), a black drag actor of legendary fame in Alphabet City; by Fiona Yet (Muffy MacIlvain, Susan Strong), a child of an adoring, wealthy, liberal family; and by True Shot (Peter Morales), a handsome Latino who has started his own moving business, Spirit Schleppers, out of his Dodge van.