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(Yiddish) an awkward and stupid person

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Maintaining a sizable and expert staff ("these are really talented people, not schleppers," Cantor says) takes money.
Clark and Jerry had something else in common: both were classic schleppers. Clark and Superman lived life the way most newly arrived Jews did, torn between their Old and New World identities and their mild exteriors and rock-solid cores.
Low wages in relation to work load, constant overtime, and an often reported bad work climate result in lower levels of job satisfaction (Heinke, Dunkel, Brahler, Nubling, Riedel-Heller & Kailsers, 2009; Welker, Baumgart, Baja, Schropl & Schleppers, 2010).
[3.] Meissner W., Rothaug J., Zwacka S., Schleppers A.
We were the New Jersey Schleppers. I remember Ralph's expression of joy when I would reach shore on the swim; I remember the expression of love I saw on his face when JoAnn once gave an impromptu cello recital at their home.