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(Yiddish) an awkward and stupid person

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4) Included in his article is the quotation from Chandler's novel Schlepper has in mind: "There was a problem laid out on the board, a six-mover.
If you embrace the Schlepper style, for example, you might have several bags, carried in a "wherever fits" manner.
A sandal schlepper was a fought-over job among female slaves in which their main duty was to accompany their mistress to dinner parties to slip on and off her sandals.
28) Compare Comes a Schlepper, Montreal Gazette, Apr 24, 1992, at B2 with The Barnhart Dictionary of Etymology 120 (Robert K.
As a lifelong schlepper grabbing that one big chance, Peter Silbert made Ray a loser worth rooting for.
He wouldn't have this woman go back and report to her friends that he looked like a schlepper in his own home.
Networks have been even more aggressive in finding ways to reduce their investment in other dayparts by stretching "Today" to occupy a fourth hour or brokering their entire Saturday-morning lineups to outside suppliers the same arena, by the way, that once yielded the enormously lucrative "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" and "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers," the latter transforming Haim Saban from a "cartoon schlepper," as he was fond of calling himself, into a billionaire investor.
Schlepper determines that the "prerequisite for justice--no