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Synonyms for schizophrenic

someone who is afflicted with schizophrenia

suffering from some form of schizophrenia

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of or relating to or characteristic of schizophrenia


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Essentially convoluted tales from a garrulous cabbie, the episodic pic flits schizophrenically between past and present, and between a small village in Lebanon's north and the capital, Beirut.
Claiming on one side that you want to engage with the industry, that you have expertise and understand the issues, then schizophrenically resorting to blatantly untruthful tactics just cheapens the whole matter.
The grisliness of this gesture is exacerbated by the shallow relief of the canvas, which presents her halved skull schizophrenically, in both frontal and three-quarter perspectives.
fantastical existence behind a mask of disinterested aesthetics, while being madly and schizophrenically market driven.
Like more recent postmodern protagonists, Unamuno's characters evolve schizophrenically rather than holistically to embody what Ihab Hassan has appropriate ly termed a sense of "self-less-ness" (19).
6, the work moves schizophrenically between aggression and lament, the contrasting emotions drawn out with great precision in yesterday's performance.
Democracy and ICT have had a long and contentious history, [278] and debates over the democratic potential of ICT have vacillated schizophrenically between 'the celebration of technocracy triumphant and the gloomy Heideggerian prediction of techno-cultural disaster'.
Perhaps surprisingly, Liberal governments of the 1990s schizophrenically tried to embrace both perspectives, however contradictory one was with the other.
Torres forcefully points out that the state, attracted by the promise (or the threat) of economic development and influenced by a post-industrial globalized marketplace, schizophrenically divides teachers into both normative agents and employee labor as well as students who are laborers-in-the-making for the state.
During the 1920s, the so-called "kulak" was schizophrenically guilty of "bourgeois individualism" and yet responsible for the multiplication of "peasant unions.
Bateson argues that "Tears, Idle Tears" is schizophrenically split between subjective memories and something more objective: "On the conscious level it is a poem about that feeling for the past that had been discovered by Carlyle and Froude, among the historians, in Tennyson's own generation, and by Scott in the previous generation" (p.
Marcus Doshi's lighting shifted almost schizophrenically with the characters' fluctuating moods.
70) In reversing the Tenth Circuit, the Supreme Court not only schizophrenically cited Conley and its liberal pleading standard with approval, but also rebuked the lower courts for "depart[ing] in so stark a manner from the pleading standard mandated by the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.
Summary: There is precious little of that stuff schizophrenically termed "contemporary classical" music being composed in Lebanon these days.