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Synonyms for schizophrenic

someone who is afflicted with schizophrenia

suffering from some form of schizophrenia

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of or relating to or characteristic of schizophrenia


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Perhaps surprisingly, Liberal governments of the 1990s schizophrenically tried to embrace both perspectives, however contradictory one was with the other.
Bateson argues that "Tears, Idle Tears" is schizophrenically split between subjective memories and something more objective: "On the conscious level it is a poem about that feeling for the past that had been discovered by Carlyle and Froude, among the historians, in Tennyson's own generation, and by Scott in the previous generation" (p.
Marcus Doshi's lighting shifted almost schizophrenically with the characters' fluctuating moods.
Summary: There is precious little of that stuff schizophrenically termed "contemporary classical" music being composed in Lebanon these days.
The next month, Cheney schizophrenically insisted, "We don't torture," while admitting in the next breath that the administration authorized the waterboarding of alleged terrorist Khalid Sheik Mohammed--though Cheney dismissed nearly drowning him as "a dunk in the water.
Indeed, the war between modern comforts and the lifestyles of the past is waged on this particular woman's face, which schizophrenically registers either pleasure or pain depending on the situation.
Read schizophrenically, concealing the love of rhythm, metaphor, line from the part of the brain that seeks an ethical encounter with the other through the act of reading--indeed, even accept that those desires must be separate?
226) Tax theory and accounting theory are fundamentally at odds in that market values represent economic outcomes that are fairly subject to tax, whereas book value is schizophrenically torn between history and prognostication.
white supremacists in the South schizophrenically perceived Black women
Think of a truck stop schizophrenically trotting out a succession of delicate consumes and fruit-based cream soups in an attempt to please highbrow food critics, while hungry cap-clad gear-jammers sit forlornly with spoons in hand wishing only for bowls of dependable, well-crafted vegetable beef soup.
The guest list wobbles schizophrenically from Kid Rock to Al Green to Toots Hibbert and Rickie Lee Jones, with live versions of some of the studio cuts on ``Always'' in there to boot.
There are Left states and Knothead states, Left towns and Knothead towns, but no center towns"--like today's red and blue states in our schizophrenically divided body politic.
He had as many enemies as friends, but many of his friends were schizophrenically his enemies, and vice versa.
Janus-faced, schizophrenically trying to hold on to its past, to remember and learn from its heritage, while at the same time eager to grow, to mutate into the distinguished European capital many belive is its destiny.