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Synonyms for schizoid

characterized by symptoms similar to but less severe than schizophrenia

of or relating to or characteristic of schizophrenia

marked by withdrawal and inability to form close relationships

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"It's really more of an attempt by us to examine a schizoid personality, and how that is preferred for astronauts in space travel because you don't have to connect emotionally," Gray said.
Conclusion: Anankastic, schizoid and dependent personality traits and disorders were the commonest on screening and detailed interview.
On the one hand, the goal of this study is to describe the intervention of the UP in individual format carried out in a single case with a primary diagnosis of MDD and schizoid and depressive personality traits in the context of a public mental health center in Spain; on the other hand, to report the long-term (12-month follow-up) clinical improvement in terms of clinical syndromes and personality traits and to determine whether the presence of schizoid and depressive personality traits interferes with the course of and compliance with treatment.
The magnitudes evidenced from the extroversion dimension were between 0.04 and -0.49, and the highest were with avoidant, schizoid, and histrionic categories (all negative), and the lowest with antisocial and narcissistic (positive), and borderline and obsessive (negative) categories.
Reportedly, receiving cancer and schizoid treatment, Khademi entered the bathroom and stabbed herself when her husband and son were not at the hotel.
It's the occasional schizoid day where you find yourself talking to yourself on the monitor.
So came the muddle that is If Katie Hopkins Ruled The World, a curious, schizoid beast that can't decide if it's a panel show, game show, comedy or serious debate platform.
Will Smith (below) is a deadbeat superhero in a schizoid sitcom set nowhere near East Cheam.
Cluster A, which incorporates a cognitive dimension (Paris 2003), includes paranoid, schizoid, and schizotypal disorders.
Clinical and justifiability criterion showed that smart students had high rank in depression and schizoid and this difference is significant.
There is a general perception of the schizoid as being "different," a perception applicable to all the types grouped under cluster A.
She shares with any other number of cinema's drifters and sightseers a feral, unconquered vulnerability (think of the journalist in Samuel Fuller's Shock Corridor, or young Victor in Francois Truffaut's Wild Child) and her shuffling between monastery and hospital and back again is comparable to the schizoid treatment of a laboratory animal, the trial of a mind forced to reconcile two contradictory operations simultaneously.
These pathologies include the paranoid, obsessive-compulsive, attention-seeking, depressive, schizoid and narcissistic typologies shown in Figure 1.
Live she's a magnetic presence provoking a particular sort of hypnotic fervour by conjuring up the fractured beauty of Mazzy Star and the schizoid psychedelic headrush of the Brian Jonestown Massacre.
(The Times article reported on a proposal - since rescinded - to eliminate narcissistic personality disorder as well.) Eliminated from the DSM-5 would be the histrionic (hysterical), schizoid, and dependent personality disorders.